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Oracle Database In-Memory Licensing Guide

Introduction to Oracle Database In-Memory Licensing

Oracle Database In-Memory, an excellent solution for real-time analytics and mixed workload applications, takes your data processing and analysis to the next level.

In this article, we will delve into the product’s essential features, licensing options, and costs to help you harness the full potential of this powerful tool.

Main Features of Oracle Database In-Memory

Oracle Database In-Memory is a solution that offers a wide range of powerful features:

  1. Real-Time Analytics: The Database In-Memory option enables real-time analytics by speeding up the performance of analytic queries.
  2. Dual-Format Architecture: Oracle Database In-Memory maintains transactional data in the existing Oracle row format for OLTP operations and a new In-Memory Column Store for analytics. This ensures optimal performance and complete data consistency.
  3. Automatic Data Optimization (ADO): It leverages Heat Map, which tracks usage patterns at the row level, to automate data movement between different storage tiers within the database.
  4. In-Memory Aggregation (IMA): This feature accelerates star queries by orders of magnitude using new In-Memory optimized algorithms and data structures.
  5. JSON Document Store: Oracle Database In-Memory provides comprehensive support for JSON documents, allowing for efficient in-memory processing and real-time analytics.
  6. Fast Ingest of Data: Oracle Database In-Memory excels at maintaining real-time analytics while ingesting data at high speed.

Oracle Database In-Memory Licensing

Oracle Database In-Memory is an extra cost option for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition (EE) and Oracle Database Enterprise Edition – Exadata (EE-Exa).

The licensing model for Oracle Database In-Memory must follow the same metric and quantity as your Oracle Database Enterprise Edition license.

So, choosing a processor-based license or a named user plus license must match your Oracle Database Enterprise Edition’s licensing setup.

Additional Features of Oracle Database In-Memory

Oracle Database In-Memory includes various robust features that extend its functionality and improve its performance.

  1. In-Memory Column Store on Active Data Guard standby: Available exclusively on Exadata, this feature necessitates the Oracle Database In-Memory and the Oracle Active Data Guard options. It’s worth noting that it is not available on Oracle Database Appliance.
  2. Fault Tolerant In-Memory Column Store: This feature requires the Oracle Database In-Memory option and the Oracle Real Application Clusters option. It is only available on Exadata and Oracle Database Appliance and necessitates either Exadata, Supercluster, or an Infiniband-based Oracle Database Appliance.
  3. Database In-Memory Base Level: This option allows users to experience Oracle Database In-Memory features without purchasing the entire Oracle Database In-Memory option. However, there are a few restrictions:
    • The size of the In-Memory area (INMEMORY_SIZE) cannot exceed 16 GB for a CDB. In an Oracle RAC environment, the size is limited to 16 GB for each instance.
    • The compression level for all objects and columns is automatically and transparently set to QUERY LOW.
    • The Automatic In-Memory feature is disabled.
    • The in-Memory Column Store feature track is labeled as “In-Memory Base Level” rather than “In-Memory Column Store.”
    • The CellMemory feature is disabled for Oracle Exadata.
    • Not available in Non-Oracle Public Cloud Environments

Oracle Database In-Memory License Costs

Following Oracle’s technology price list, the licensing costs for Oracle Database In-Memory are:

  • A Named User Plus license costs $460 per Named User Plus.
  • Processor License costs $23,000 per Processor.

These costs are subject to change, so it’s always best to contact Oracle or an authorized Oracle reseller for the latest pricing details.


What is Oracle Database In-Memory?

Oracle Database In-Memory is a solution for real-time analytics and mixed workload applications, providing accelerated data processing and analysis.

What are the key features of Oracle Database In-Memory?

Key features include real-time analytics, dual-format architecture, Automatic Data Optimization (ADO), In-Memory Aggregation (IMA), JSON Document Store, and fast data ingestion.

What is the cost of Oracle Database In-Memory licenses?

The Named User Plus license costs $460 per Named User Plus, and the Processor License costs $23,000 per Processor.

Oracle Database In-Memory is a transformative tool that allows businesses to capitalize on real-time data analysis and processing.

Understanding this product’s core functionalities, licensing metrics, and cost structures can provide a significant advantage in today’s data-driven world.


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