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Oracle Database 23c: What is new in the new LTS Release?

Introduction to Oracle Database 23c

Oracle, synonymous with enterprise database solutions, has unveiled its latest offering, Oracle Database 23c.

What is new in Oracle Database 23c?

  • Resilience Enhancements: Improved database robustness against failures.
  • JSON Relational Duality: Bridges relational databases and JSON data.
  • Sagas for Microservices: Enhanced support for microservices architectures.
  • JavaScript Stored Procedures: Use of JavaScript in stored procedures.
  • SQL Property Graphs: Creation and management of property graphs using SQL.

Focus/Theme of Oracle Database 23c

The overarching theme of Oracle Database 23c seems to be resilience and adaptability.

Oracle has made significant strides in ensuring that the database is robust and resilient to failures, making it an ideal choice for enterprises that prioritize data integrity and availability.

Major New Features

  • JSON Relational Duality: This feature bridges the gap between traditional relational databases and modern JSON-based data structures.
  • Sagas for Microservices: Enhancing the support for microservices architectures, ensuring seamless integration and data management.
  • JavaScript Stored Procedures: Introducing the ability to use JavaScript for stored procedures, expanding the versatility of the database.
  • SQL Property Graphs: A feature that allows for creating and managing property graphs using SQL, enhancing data visualization and relationship mapping.

Real-Life Value for Oracle Customers

The new features introduced in Oracle Database 23c are not just technical advancements; they offer tangible benefits to Oracle customers:

  • Enhanced Data Management: With features like JSON Relational Duality, businesses can seamlessly manage relational and JSON data, ensuring flexibility in data management.
  • Microservices Support: Introducing Sagas for Microservices ensures that businesses adopting a microservices architecture can easily manage their data without compromising performance.
  • Versatility: The ability to use JavaScript for stored procedures means that developers have more tools at their disposal, reducing the learning curve and ensuring faster application development.
  • Improved Data Visualization: SQL Property Graphs allow businesses to visualize complex data relationships easily, aiding in better decision-making.

Long-Term Release or Not?

Oracle Database 23c is indeed a Long Term Support Release. This means that Oracle will provide extended support for this version, making it a stable choice for enterprises looking for longevity and stability in their database solutions.

Recommendations for Prospective Adopters

For businesses contemplating the adoption of Oracle Database 23c, here are some recommendations:

  • Assess Your Needs: While Oracle Database 23c is feature-rich, assessing whether its features align with your business needs is essential.
  • Training: With the introduction of new features, ensure that your team undergoes the necessary training to leverage these features thoroughly.
  • Consultation: Engage with Oracle consultants or experts to understand the best practices for implementing and managing Oracle Database 23c.
  • Plan for the Future: Given that 23c is a Long Term Support Release, it’s a wise choice for businesses looking for a stable and long-lasting database solution.

FAQ for Oracle Database 23c

What is Oracle Database 23c?

Oracle Database 23c is the latest release from Oracle, offering enhanced features focused on resilience, adaptability, and modern data management.

Has the support for microservices improved?

Yes, Oracle Database 23c introduces “Sagas for Microservices” to enhance support for microservices architectures.

Can I use JavaScript in this version?

Absolutely! Oracle Database 23c allows the use of JavaScript for stored procedures, adding versatility for developers.

What's the deal with "JSON Relational Duality"?

This feature bridges the gap between traditional relational databases and modern JSON-based data structures, offering more flexibility in data management.

Is 23c a Long Term Support Release?

Oracle Database 23c is a Long Term Support Release, ensuring extended support and stability for enterprises.

Are there any new data visualization tools in 23c?

The “SQL Property Graphs” feature allows for improved data visualization, especially for complex data relationships.

Should I consider upgrading to 23c soon?

Given its status as a Long Term Support Release and the introduction of several new features, it’s worth considering an upgrade after assessing your specific needs and environment.

In conclusion, Oracle Database 23c is a testament to Oracle’s commitment to innovation and excellence, with a slew of new features and the promise of long-term support.


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