Oracle cloud at customer

Oracle Cloud@Customer – Customer and Oracle Roles

Oracle Cloud@Customer – Customer and Oracle Roles

Oracle Cloud@Customer stands out as a unique proposition in today’s rapidly evolving cloud ecosystem. It seamlessly bridges the gap between on-premises infrastructure and cloud solutions, offering businesses the best of both worlds.

This article delves deep into the shared responsibilities of Oracle and its customers in the Cloud@Customer environment, ensuring clarity and optimal utilization of this innovative service.

oracle cloud at customer responsibilities

Understanding Oracle Cloud@Customer

Oracle Cloud@Customer is not just another cloud service. It’s a hybrid solution that brings the cloud’s agility, scalability, and efficiency into your data center. While it offers all the core features of the Oracle Cloud, its deployment within the customer’s premises makes it distinct.

The primary allure of Oracle Cloud@Customer lies in its ability to bridge traditional infrastructure with modern cloud capabilities. Businesses can leverage the power of the cloud while adhering to data residency, compliance, or latency requirements that might necessitate on-premises solutions.

Customer Responsibilities in Oracle Cloud@Customer

oracle exadata cloud at customer responsibilities

While Oracle Cloud@Customer offers a plethora of services managed by Oracle, customers have their set of responsibilities to ensure the system runs smoothly:

  • Data Management: Customers are in charge of their data. This includes data classification, ensuring data quality, and managing data access.
  • Security: While Oracle provides foundational security features, customers must implement their security policies, manage user access, and ensure data encryption as needed.
  • Networking: Integration with existing on-premises systems, managing network traffic, and ensuring connectivity lies with the customer.

Oracle’s Role in Managing the System

Oracle plays a pivotal role in ensuring that Cloud@Customer offers a seamless experience:

  • Installation & Configuration: Oracle takes the lead in setting up the environment. This includes hardware setup, software installation, and initial configuration.
  • Monitoring: Oracle continuously monitors the environment to ensure uptime, performance, and security.
  • Maintenance: Regular updates, patches, and system maintenance are Oracle’s responsibility. They ensure the Cloud@Customer environment is always up-to-date with the latest features and security measures.

Top 5 Recommendations for Maximizing Oracle Cloud@Customer

  1. Regular Audits: Review user access, data policies, and network configurations to ensure optimal security and performance.
  2. Leverage Oracle Support: Oracle offers extensive support for Cloud@Customer. Engage with them for best practices, troubleshooting, and optimization tips.
  3. Stay Updated: Oracle frequently releases updates and new features. Ensure you’re leveraging the latest capabilities.
  4. Training: Ensure your team is well-trained and familiar with Oracle and customer responsibilities in the Cloud@Customer environment.
  5. Backup and Recovery: While Oracle ensures system stability, customers should have backup and recovery strategies in place.

Responsibilities at a Glance

Installation & Configuration✔️
Data Management✔️
System Monitoring✔️
Security Implementation✔️ (Foundational)✔️ (Policies & Access)
Updates & Patches✔️
Backup & Recovery✔️ (Infrastructure)✔️ (Data)


What is the primary difference between Oracle Cloud and Oracle Cloud@Customer?

While both offer Oracle Cloud services, Cloud@Customer is deployed in the customer’s data center, ensuring data residency and addressing latency concerns.

How does Oracle assist in the initial setup of Cloud@Customer?

Oracle manages the installation, configuration, and initial setup, ensuring the environment is ready for use.

What are the security measures in place for Oracle Cloud@Customer?

Oracle provides foundational security, including infrastructure security and regular patches. Customers are responsible for data security, access management, and specific security policies.

Can customers customize their Oracle Cloud@Customer setup?

While Oracle provides the foundational setup, customers can integrate it with their existing systems, manage network configurations, and implement their security policies.

By understanding the shared responsibilities in Oracle Cloud@Customer, businesses can ensure they’re leveraging the full potential of this unique service.

With Oracle handling the heavy lifting of infrastructure management and customers focusing on their specific needs, Cloud@Customer truly offers the best of both on-premises and cloud worlds.


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