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Oracle Cloud At Customer

Oracle cloud at customer solutions comes in different flavors, they range from Exadata cloud at customer, Dedicated Regions or Oracle latest compute@cloud at customer. They all offer the same basic benefits, allowing you to bring all the cloud technologies Oracle has to offer into your own datacenter. It enables you to consume the complete portfolio of Oracle’s cloud infrastructure services, their managed cloud services, including Oracle fusion cloud by placing a server in your own data center. Simply put Oracle cloud at customer means Oracle cloud services in your own data center but that it is fully managed by Oracle.  Oracle provides the server and hardeware, installing the software and OS and maintains the server on a day-to-day basis.

Oracle Cloud at Customer solutions

oracle cloud at customer

Exadata Cloud@Customer

Exadata Cloud@Customer is for customers who wants benefits of Oracle cloud services, which includes flexibility in features/products usage but also lower overall costs for their Oracle solution.
All Exadata features are included in this solution, which is a Exadata running in your data center but Oracle is providing hardware, software and operations.

This solution enables customers to run Oracle cloud on Exadata platform in the customers own data centers. The customer has 2 database cloud services available.

  • Exadata Database Service
  • Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer

Subscription & License Models for Exadata Cloud @ Customer

1 – Bring Your Own License – Oracle BYOL

If you have existing software licenses you can use them on the Exadata Cloud System. If you have Enterprise Edition databases with no options. You will be granted free use of

  • Diagnostic Pack
  • Tuning Pack
  • Data Masking and Subsetting Pack
  • Real Application Testing.

If you choose this option, you need to pay attention that there are options required for autonomous cloud, such as Multitenant and Active Data guard. You need to have a license already or purchase Oracle Universal Cloud Credits. Real application clusters are required if your instance is larger than 16 OCPUs.

2- License Included – aka Purchase Oracle UCCs


This would be like any Oracle Cloud Contract for OCI. You pay Oracle for their cloud currency, and you have a negotiated burndown rate for each service you consume. With this option for all licenses are included you will simply pay for more for more options.

How to move to Exadata Cloud@Customer

  • Your first should first review your Oracle licensing estate to understand how many licenses you have available to use for BYOL.
  • Second step is to predict and analyze future requirements of autonomous database and create a pool of available licenses for Exadata Cloud at customer.
  • Third step consider purchasing Oracle Universal Cloud Credits. If you need help with this activity.
  • Fourth Step is to understand if you can terminate unused licenses and support to reduce your overall Oracle costs.

If you need help with this activity, Redress can help making sure that your future with Exadata cloud at customer is done correctly. Schedule a consultation to find out more about our services.

Oracle Cloud at Customer Benefits

  • Full control – Your organization might not be ready for a public cloud migration due to reasons related to regulatory requirement, data security, data privacy, SLAs etc.
    Oracle cloud at customer will enable you to follow data regulations.
  • Hybrid cloud  Flexibility – Customize your cloud journey and consume Oracle cloud (same features and deployment model) on-premises.
    There are substantial benefits with Oracle Public Cloud where you can try software for a short period of time without purchasing licenses.
    You can try multi-tenant option in Oracle cloud or Database In-Memory for a short time period and then you can quickly move the database
    back to onpremises when no do not need it. Another example is can be if you need an environment for a short time period such as a migration
    then Oracle cloud is excellent for this purpose.
  • Fast Access to data – If you have requirements to have fast access to data to perform and deliver services and a public data center which slows down the response times, is not good enough.
    Oracle Cloud at customer can then offer a better service to you and your customers.

Other Oracle Cloud at customer solutions

  • OCI Dedicated Region – 6m $ dollar annual commitment and it gives you 50 racks. You can deploy this is in any location that you want. End customer provides space and power. Oracle provides all the hardware, software and operations.
  • OCI – Compute Cloud@Customer
    Oracle low-cost option for customers who wants to use Oracle Cloud Services On-premises. If you strip the word cloud from the solution you can call it “Consumption Based License Model”.
    You rent the server from Oracle, and Oracle manages the server and the end customer uses Oracle OCI console to control consumption.
compute cloud at customer

Considerations before migrating to Oracle Cloud at Customer

  • Oracle expects a standard commitment of 4 years leasing the servers with no option to buy the server at the end of the term.  If the migration or implementation of the project does not succeed, you will not recieve a re-fund.
  • It is a challenge for customers to rightsize the future demand, Oracle in their business case will often provide you with a lower CPU estimate than what you will need to build a business case for a migration to Oracle cloud at customer solutions. Then if you deploy or consume more OCPU than what was expected, you will pay more.
  • There is a challenge when you want to leverage existing licenses, customer needs to fully understand what licenses are available to use on cloud@customer solutions to make sure they do not over-purchase Oracle Cloud Services.
  • What will happen when the machine is end of life, will you keep your licenses if you stopped paying support? Can you choose another hardware platform?
  • Cloud commitment. Oracle customers often underestimate the time and challenges associated with the transition to cloud. Although, Oracle Cloud at Customer is designed to address many of those problems, the pricing models still favors high commitments early on.
  • Oracle takes no responsibility for any delays in technical installation & implementation, and offer no refunds if the solution for some reason is not able to take on all your Oracle workloads.
  • If you are paying technical support and are transitioning to Cloud at customer, Oracle is not willing to waiver technical support fees while you transition to the solution, and you may end up paying for both technical support for old licenses and cloud at customer.

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