Oracle Cloud at Customer – What you need to know

What is Oracle Cloud at Customer ?

Oracle cloud at customer is a solution from Oracle allowing you to bring all the cloud technologies Oracle has to offer into your own datacenter. It enables you to consume the complete portfolio of Oracle’s cloud infrastructure services, their managed cloud services, including Oracle fusion cloud by placing a server in your own data center.


Oracle Cloud at Customer Benefits

  • Full control – Your organization might not be ready for a public cloud migration due to reasons related to regulatory requirement, data security, data privacy, SLAs etc.

  • Hybrid cloud – Customize your cloud journey and consume Oracle cloud (same features and deployment model) on-premises.

  • Cloud at Customer is managed by Oracle.

    • Ability to use Oracle Universal Cloud credits or BYOL licenses to cover the license usage.


Oracle C@C Customer Challenges

  • Oracle expects a standard commitment of 4 years leasing the servers with no option to buy the server at the end of the term.

  • Not all services are available on the same licensing models.

  • Cloud commitment. Oracle customers often underestimate the time and challenges associated with the transition to cloud. Although, Oracle Cloud at Customer is designed to address many of those problems, the pricing models still favors high commitments early on.

  • Oracle takes no responsibility for any delays in technical installation & implementation, and offer no refunds if the solution for some reason is not able to take on all your Oracle workloads.

  • If you are paying technical support and are transitioning to Cloud at customer, Oracle is not willing to waiver technical support fees while you transition to the solution, and you may end up paying for both technical support for old licenses and cloud at customer.

    • Cloud at customer or hybrid cloud is an “opportunity” to bring compliance problem onto a larger platform and thereby unknowingly maximizing those problems.


We always recommend clients do a complete license review of their on-premises Oracle software before any cloud migrations or engagements.


Customer Licensing models

This is the same as what you will find going to Oracle cloud OCI or Oracle Application Cloud. However, hardware will be a monthly lease.

  • Bring Your Own License (BYOL).

  • Pay as You go.

  • Universal Credits (prepaid)


  • Oracle Cloud Applications Subscriptions.


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