Oracle audit negotiations support – How can audit advisors help

When should you use Oracle audit negotiations support?

Oracle audit negotiation support – when can it be helpful to find external help to reduce your Oracle audit exposure. The customers who pay zero to Oracle in audits are the ones who reach out to an Oracle audit advisor before the audit begins. However, you should still reach out even if you have received the Oracle LMS report (preliminary or final) as then you need Oracle audit negotiation support to reduce the findings.

What is an Oracle audit?

An Oracle audit is when Oracle has selected one of its customers for a software license audit. Oracle conducts most of its audits through the Oracle LMS organization. Oracle audits its customers every 3 years and they primarily audit Oracle technology and application products. Some Oracle audits are conducted using third party entities where Oracle software resellers act as auditors. These resellers are only compensated if they can resell Oracle licenses after the Oracle audit. There is an obvious conflict of interest.

Oracle audit negotiations support – 6 reasons why you should get help.

  1. Oracle asks you to agree to the Oracle audit report findings. As soon as you agree to the findings, you confirm that Oracle conclusions are correct, therefor NEVER agree to the report.
  2. By acquiring Oracle audit negotiation support you will get insights into what other companies are paying to Oracle for similar audit findings. The benefit is that you will not overpay to Oracle.
  3. By hiring an Oracle audit advisor, you can have a 2nd opinion of Oracle audit report findings and confirm if Oracle is correct in its licensing conclusions. A hint: Oracle LMS is often wrong. Any errors that the Oracle audit advisor finds, you can use in the negotiations to dispute other findings that are open for interpretation such as virtualization deployments.
  4. An Independent Oracle licensing expert, who has worked at Oracle, knows all the ins and outs of an Oracle audit. The expert can provide Oracle audit negotiations support by sharing which Oracle products that the sales teams are incentivized to sell you in order to minimize the amount you pay to Oracle.
  5. Oracle licensing experts have the ability to review Oracle LMS script output and can review if a product has been used or just installed. They can identify how many times a product has been used. These are all important considerations too if you should purchase a license or not.
  6. If you are running Oracle on VMware, an independent Oracle audit advisor can help you structure your audit negotiations using key argumentation that has been successful before in resolving audit disputes with Oracle.

Final recommendation for Oracle audit negotiations support

Get help from an Oracle licensing expert if you want to pay less to Oracle and feel secure that you have levelled the information playing field with Oracle.