Oracle audit consulting – 8 reasons why you should ask for help

Oracle audit consulting – 8 reasons why you should ask for help

Oracle audit consulting and 8 reasons why companies reach out to Oracle licensing experts to ascertain expert advice on Oracle audit.  Oracle software audits can be very costly if not managed correctly and with the right experience and expertise.


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What is an Oracle software license audit?

Oracle software license audit is when Oracle selects one of its customers for an audit and wants to verify that the customer is using Oracle licenses within their license entitlement. If there are any licenses missing, the end customer is obliged to purchase correct number of licenses. Oracle software license audits happens once every 3-4 years and the audit selection process is not completely random, it’s based on different commercial priorities.



Why are companies under-licensed with Oracle software licenses?


A list of 4 reasons why companies are out of compliance with Oracle

  • Lack of knowledge and expertise in how to license Oracle software.
  • Misunderstanding Oracle licensing rules and/or policies.
  • Deploying Oracle on virtualized platforms.
  • Mistakenly using Oracle products and not realizing it required a license.


Oracle audit consulting – 8 reasons why you should get help.

  • Before the official Oracle audit begins, the customer can have a consulting firm conducting a review using the Oracle license audit tools to get an independent license audit result.
  • 90% of all compliance issues can be adjusted simply by correcting how Oracle is deployed. It is not because of over-usage.
  • Oracle audit support can help you negotiate the scope of the audit – which products should be included in the audit, what legal entities and geographical areas should be audited.
  • Oracle audit support can also help you to review your Oracle licensing agreements for restrictive terms that often causes compliance problems on your Oracle software assets.
  • Oracle licensing experts can provide guidance during the audit on how to reply to Oracle LMS requests for additional data and make sure that anything shared with the license audit team at Oracle is correct and does not expose you to financial risk.
  • Oracle audit support is also useful at the end of the audit to review Oracle LMS audit report and identify errors and/or wrong assumptions for licensing requirements.
  • Oracle licensing experts can help you benchmark any commercial offer Oracle makes to cover shortfalls and ensure that you are not over-paying for software licenses.
  • The cost of Oracle software is high, 2 cores of intel running Oracle Database Enterprise Edition is 47,500 $ + 22% annual maintenances. If you have 16 cores that equals 8 processor licenses valued at 380 000 $. This is not counting Enterprise Edition options that will add to the financial risk. There is always a return of investment when hiring expert help, if you are under an audit from Oracle.


If you are under an Oracle license audit and need Oracle audit support, contact us and we can start immidately.


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