Oracle Audit Assistance – 5 reasons you should get help

Oracle Audit Assistance – 5 reasons you should get help

Oracle audit assistance is when a company is selected for an Oracle audit and the end customer gets help to manage the Oracle audit.


Oracle Audit Assistance – What is an Oracle audit?

An Oracle audit is when Oracle has selected one of its customers for a software license audit. Oracle is measuring usage and deployments for Oracle database, Oracle Middleware and Oracle application products. The Oracle audit selection is not random and is usually based upon Oracle acquiring knowledge about non-compliance or suspect the customer to be out of compliant with its Oracle license entitlements.


What is audit assistance?

Oracle audit assistance is when the customer who is audited reaches out to an Oracle licensing expert to provide help with the Oracle audit. The Oracle licensing expert should be independent and not a reseller or partner to Oracle. It is important that the provider is completely independent and will not steer the customer into a solution which they are incentivized by a vendor, Oracle, Microsoft or any other.


5 reasons why you ask for Oracle audit assistance

  1. Oracle licensing expert should be ex-Oracle who can share and explain the Oracle audit process. By understanding the audit process you can create your own Oracle audit defense strategy.
  2. Oracle audit assistance should be someone who can interpret and review Oracle LMS script output. This output should ideally be reviewed independently of Oracle before sharing it with the auditor (Oracle) By understand what your licensing position is before Oracle knows, will provide many options for you.
  3. Oracle audit assistance will provide you with a sense of security and calm, you will not need to worry that you are missing any knowledge or facts. If you pick the right Oracle licensing expert you will have more Oracle licensing knowledge than the Oracle LMS auditor.
  4. By requesting external help, you will work with someone who has helped 100+ of Oracle audits and have been there before and knows all the mistakes that customers can do, and you will avoid them.
  5. Oracle audit negotiations can be difficult to master, but you can have full confidence in that you are receiving competitive discount and terms for any new purchase of Oracle software licenses.



If you are audited by Oracle and wants to stay in control and only pay for what you need and use, please contact us for a consultation under NDA.


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