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This article will introduce Snow Inventory Server and its features. In addition, you will learn about the Snow Adoption Tracker and Spend Optimizer. Finally, you will learn about the Analytics features. With these features, you will be able to determine which licenses and subscriptions will be most beneficial for your company. Once you’ve chosen your license, you’ll be able to manage changes to the software and avoid costly out-of-box functionality.


Snow Inventory Server


A new feature in the Snow Inventory Server for Oracle software asset management is its ability to manage the licensing of Oracle products. This feature helps organizations manage their entire Oracle estate and gather data about database products, editions, options, Management Packs, feature usage, and named users. Snow also manages Oracle licenses, connecting orders with specific Oracle servers. It shows which oracle licenses cover which servers, thereby reducing the chances of license revocation.

When you use Snow Inventory to manage software assets, you store data in a normalized Microsoft SQL Server database. This means that data is stored in many tables, each of which must be consolidated into database views and imported from external sources. Luckily, the Snow Inventory Linked Server provides wizards for both the import and export of external data. Once you’ve imported data from Snow Inventory, you can view it in CSM and make updates based on it.

For organizations using Oracle servers, Snow OMO provides accurate data on Oracle licensing and eliminates the need for manual data entry. Using Snow OMO for Oracle software asset management enables organizations to save money on the licensing of Oracle Servers without sacrificing functionality. It also helps you reduce costs by removing unused database options and management packs. Virtualization is easy and does not consider the cost implications of Oracle licensing, so Snow OMO reports any changes to the cluster. It also helps users avoid unnecessary costs associated with Out-of-box functionality and allows users to manage and control changes to their Oracle Servers.

In addition to Snow Inventory Server for Oracle software asset management, the Snow Automation Platform and Snow License Manager are other key components in the suite. Together, they act as a technology hub for all Snow Asset Management products. The Snow License Manager provides a central repository for software discovery and connects network hardware. Snow Inventory allows you to view and manage your IT assets with the ability to view license compliance levels in real-time. These features make Snow Inventory an invaluable tool for managing Oracle software assets.


Snow Adoption Tracker


The Snow Adoption Tracker for Oracle software asset maintenance helps IT managers manage their IT assets, drive out waste, and defend against audits. With a growing percentage of technology spend controlled by business units, Snow provides a single source of truth for all installed software and hardware. Snow helps IT managers keep an accurate record of their assets and can automatically create an inventory of all IT assets. Moreover, it can also identify the software and hardware assets that are in use across the organization.

As a verified third-party vendor, Snow is compatible with Oracle and its tools. Oracle accepts Snow’s data as a substitute for Oracle’s own. However, the report does not replace an Oracle license audit. Oracle will analyze usage data from any tool and generate a compliance statement. However, it is important to note that Snow does not provide license audits. In addition to Oracle software asset management, Snow Adoption Tracker for Oracle software asset management has other benefits as well.

The Snow Adoption Tracker for Oracle software asset maintenance lets IT managers keep track of all Oracle licensing. With the help of an agent, users can gather data on Oracle from different platforms including AIX, Solaris, Linux, SUSE, Windows, and HPUX. This feature makes Snow ahead of some incumbents in the industry. Having an Oracle license verification would further validate Snow’s place in the market.

In addition, Snow License Manager can manage complex license schemes. It can determine how much software is used and what the corresponding license requirement is. It can also identify server software versions and provide intelligence on upgrade and downgrade rights. It is also capable of calculating the installed versions of applications covered by volume license agreements. This allows users to optimize their Oracle software assets and licenses. With Snow Adoption Tracker for Oracle software asset management, companies can see how much their software assets cost, and what they can do to cut costs.


Snow Spend Optimizer


If you are looking for a solution for managing your expensive enterprise software investments, Snow Spend Optimizer can help. This software optimizes license costs, manages renewals, and provides insight into which virtualization technologies are in use. It also applies the right Oracle license policies, whether in a single or partitioned environment, and continuously monitors compliance position. In addition, it can help you avoid unexpected expenditures by improving your license compliance position.

The Snow platform gives IT organizations a holistic view of their IT ecosystem, including Oracle. It can help enterprises manage complex Oracle environments by enabling them to automate compliance, manage license requirements, and manage end-of-support dates. It can also help with right-sizing virtualization technologies. Further, Snow technology can recommend appropriate database editions, processor requirements, and named user licenses for your needs, thereby limiting wasted spend.

The latest version of Snow Spend Optimizer for Oracle software asset management can help organizations manage their Oracle estate. The application collects data about the entire Oracle estate, such as database products, editions, options, and Management Packs. It also tracks named users, which makes it extremely useful for identifying and tracking licenses. Snow OMO connects Oracle orders with specific Oracle servers, making it easy for users to see which licenses cover which server.

A key feature of the Snow Spend Optimizer for Oracle software asset management is its Supermaster feature, which enables large enterprises to consolidate their Oracle licenses. The platform also gives IT asset managers visibility into Oracle usage, identifies cost savings opportunities, and proactively alerts them of non-compliance issues. This way, organisations can take action in real time and minimize risks. The result is better management of IT resources and lower costs.


Analytics features


Snow has released an optional version of its Oracle management solution for organizations that want to automate licensing and compliance. While Snow offers the same capabilities as its more traditional competitors, the company’s technology includes more Oracle-specific features. These features include right-sizing virtualization technologies and Oracle license policies. Organizations can better understand how changes to their compliance position affect their Oracle environments. Snow technology can also recommend appropriate database editions and the number of processors and named users needed for a specific application.

The Snow License Manager is the central hub of Snow’s software asset management solution. It provides a unified view of installed software, cloud resources, and hardware. It also helps you gain actionable intelligence on your technology assets, such as usage data and costs. Moreover, the Snow Data Intelligence Service automatically translates usage data into commercial software product information. For greater insights, you can create customized dashboards with filters and drill-down capabilities. Snow can also import audit data from multiple sources and cover a wide range of operating systems.


Verified by Oracle

Snow is verified by Oracle as a tool, this means that Snow has been given Oracle audit scripts. If you use Snow Oracle module to manage Oracle licenses, you will have a copy of the raw output that Oracle LMS scripts provide. That is then given to Oracle instead of you running Oracle scripts as you have already done so if you are using Snow. There are both benefits and drawbacks with being verified by Oracle.



If you have the expertise to analyze the raw LMS script output, you can easier understand your Oracle licensing.


It is MUCH easier for Oracle to audit you, as you have already run their audit tools on your environments.


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