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Oracle ASFU License Terms – Insiders Guide

Introduction Oracle ASFU License Terms

  • Oracle ASFU (Application Specific Full Use) is a specialized licensing model.
  • It’s tailored for Oracle ISV/OEM partners.
  • Understanding its terms is crucial for compliance and cost optimization.

What is an Oracle ASFU License

What is an Oracle ASFU License

Oracle ASFU license is designed for Oracle ISV/OEM partners. Having developed applications using Oracle technology, these partners can resell Oracle solutions to their end customers.

The Oracle Application Specific Full Use (ASFU) license is a specialized licensing model tailored for Oracle’s Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partners.

This license allows these partners to integrate Oracle technology into their applications and resell these enhanced solutions to their end customers.

Core Aspects of Oracle ASFU License:

  • Partner-Focused: This setup is designed for ISV/OEM partners who develop applications using Oracle technology. It facilitates the embedding of Oracle solutions within partner applications, providing a seamless experience to end customers.
  • Application-Specific Licensing: The ASFU license applies exclusively to the partner’s application or solution as defined in the agreement. This specificity ensures that the Oracle technology’s usage is closely tied to the partner’s product, maintaining a clear scope of license application.

What are the Oracle ASFU License Terms:

Usage Limitation:

  • The license’s use is restricted to the specific ISV/OEM application or solution mentioned in the agreement. This limitation underscores the license’s application-specific nature, ensuring that Oracle technology is integral to the ISV’s or OEM’s offering.

Integration Restrictions:

  • Partners must use ISV-provided APIs to integrate Oracle products and non-Oracle applications. Direct linking or integration of Oracle technology with third-party software outside the ISV application is prohibited. This restriction aims to maintain the integrity and security of the Oracle technology within the partner’s solution.

Migration/Upgrade Options:

  • End customers can migrate or upgrade their ASFU licenses to full-use licenses. This flexibility allows customers to expand or alter their use of Oracle technology beyond the initial ISV application, although it usually requires an additional fee. Such migrations or upgrades enable end customers to adapt to changing business needs while maintaining compliance with Oracle licensing.

The Oracle ASFU license represents a critical component of Oracle’s partnership ecosystem, enabling ISVs and OEMs to leverage Oracle’s advanced technology in their solutions.

What is an Oracle ISV

What is an Oracle ISVs

An Oracle Independent Software Vendor (ISV) plays a pivotal role in the Oracle ecosystem, operating as a key partner by developing and offering applications powered by Oracle technology.

These entities harness the robust capabilities of Oracle’s software suite to create specialized solutions that cater to a wide range of industry needs.

Core Characteristics of Oracle ISVs:

  • Application Development: Oracle ISVs focus on crafting applications that leverage the advanced features of Oracle technologies. This development process involves utilizing Oracle databases, middleware, and potentially other software components to build comprehensive solutions.
  • License Resale: One of the unique privileges granted to Oracle ISVs is the ability to resell Oracle licenses. This is predominantly managed through the Application Full Use (ASFU) licensing model, which permits ISVs to bundle Oracle technology with their applications and sell them to end customers.
  • Market Flexibility: Oracle ISVs serve a diverse market, addressing specific business challenges across various sectors. Their solutions range from financial services and healthcare applications to retail and manufacturing systems, all built on the reliable and scalable Oracle platform.
  • Partnership Benefits: As partners, ISVs can access Oracle’s vast resources, including technical support, marketing, and sales assistance. This partnership not only aids in developing and enhancing ISV applications but also supports the effective marketing and sales of these solutions.

Which Products Can Be Sold Under ASFU License

The Application Specific Full Use (ASFU) license is an Oracle licensing model designed for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who need to bundle Oracle technology with their applications.

Under the ASFU license, a broad range of Oracle technology products can be included, catering to the diverse requirements of ISVs and their customers.

Oracle Technology Products Covered:

  • Oracle Database: This includes various editions of the Oracle Database, offering ISVs the flexibility to choose the version that best matches their application’s requirements and customers’ needs.
  • Oracle Middleware Products: A significant portion of Oracle’s middleware suite, such as Oracle WebLogic Server, is available under ASFU licensing. These products are essential for developing, deploying, and managing applications and services.

The ASFU license’s comprehensive coverage ensures that ISVs can incorporate robust Oracle technology into their solutions, enhancing their offerings’ value and performance.

This licensing model is particularly advantageous for ISVs looking to provide a complete, integrated solution to their customers, leveraging the reliability and scalability of Oracle products.

By enabling the resale of these Oracle products under the ASFU license, Oracle provides a pathway for ISVs to enhance their applications with leading database and middleware technologies.

This benefits the ISVs in terms of product capabilities and offers end-users access to high-quality, integrated solutions tailored to specific application needs.

How Much Does an ASFU License Cost:

The cost of an ASFU license is variable. Oracle often provides significant discounts on this model, sometimes exceeding 60%.

The exact cost is determined by the agreement between Oracle and the ISV/OEM partner.


What is ASFU?

Application Specific Full Use is an Oracle ISV/OEM partner license model.

How does ASFU differ from standard Oracle licenses?

ASFU is tailored for specific ISV/OEM applications or solutions.

Can I migrate from ASFU to a full-use license?

Yes, but there’s typically a fee involved.

What products fall under the ASFU license?

All Oracle technology software, including databases and middleware like WebLogic.

Who is an Oracle ISV?

An Independent Software Vendor that develops applications using Oracle technology.

What is the APRF about ASFU?

It’s an agreement between Oracle and the ISV defining the terms of the ASFU license.

How is the cost of an ASFU license determined?

It’s based on the agreement between Oracle and the ISV/OEM partner, with potential discounts.

Are there any integration restrictions with ASFU?

Yes, integration with non-Oracle apps must be via an ISV-provided API.

How do I sign an ASFU agreement?

Understand Oracle’s terms for ISV/OEM partners and ensure the agreement’s breadth.

Is technical support included in the ASFU license cost?

Oracle charges ISVs for technical support, expecting them to be the primary support providers.


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