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Oracle ASFU License Terms – Insiders Guide

Introduction Oracle ASFU License Terms

  • Oracle ASFU (Application Specific Full Use) is a specialized licensing model.
  • It’s tailored for Oracle ISV/OEM partners.
  • Understanding its terms is crucial for compliance and cost optimization.

What is an Oracle ASFU License:

Oracle ASFU license is designed for Oracle ISV/OEM partners. Having developed applications using Oracle technology, these partners can resell Oracle solutions to their end customers.

The license is specific, meaning it’s only applicable to the solution or application defined in the agreement.

What are the Oracle ASFU License Terms:

The terms associated with the Oracle ASFU license are:

  • Usage Limitation: The license is strictly for the specific ISV/OEM application or solution mentioned in the agreement.
  • Integration Restrictions: Integration with non-Oracle applications must be through an ISV-provided API. Direct links between Oracle and third-party software are prohibited.
  • Migration/Upgrade: End customers can migrate or upgrade ASFU licenses to full-use licenses, but this typically involves a fee.

What is an Oracle ISV:

An Oracle Independent Software Vendor (ISV) is a partner that develops applications using Oracle technology. These partners can then resell Oracle licenses to their end customers under the ASFU model.

How to Sign an ASFU Agreement:

To sign an ASFU agreement, one must:

  • Understand the specific terms set by Oracle for ISV/OEM partners.
  • Ensure the agreement’s details are broad to avoid renegotiations for minor changes or upgrades.

What is an Oracle APRF:

APRF, or Application Package Resale Full Use, is an agreement that outlines the limitations and terms of the ASFU license between Oracle and the Oracle ISV.

Which Products Can Be Sold Under ASFU License:

The ASFU license encompasses all Oracle technology software. This includes the Oracle database and middleware products, such as WebLogic.

How Much Does an ASFU License Cost:

The cost of an ASFU license is variable. Oracle often provides significant discounts on this model, sometimes exceeding 60%. The exact cost is determined by the agreement between Oracle and the ISV/OEM partner.


What is ASFU?

Application Specific Full Use is an Oracle ISV/OEM partner license model.

How does ASFU differ from standard Oracle licenses?

ASFU is tailored for specific ISV/OEM applications or solutions.

Can I migrate from ASFU to a full-use license?

Yes, but there’s typically a fee involved.

What products fall under the ASFU license?

All Oracle technology software, including databases and middleware like WebLogic.

Who is an Oracle ISV?

An Independent Software Vendor that develops applications using Oracle technology.

What is the APRF about ASFU?

It’s an agreement defining the terms of the ASFU license between Oracle and the ISV.

How is the cost of an ASFU license determined?

It’s based on the agreement between Oracle and the ISV/OEM partner, with potential discounts.

Are there any integration restrictions with ASFU?

Yes, integration with non-Oracle apps must be via an ISV-provided API.

How do I sign an ASFU agreement?

Understand Oracle’s terms for ISV/OEM partners and ensure the agreement’s breadth.

Is technical support included in the ASFU license cost?

Oracle charges ISVs for technical support, expecting them to be the primary support providers.


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