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Navigating Oracle RAC One Node Licensing

Introduction to Oracle RAC One Node Licensing

In the extensive portfolio of Oracle’s database solutions, Oracle RAC One Node holds a prominent position.

Designed to provide enhanced high availability and agility for single-instance databases, Oracle RAC One Node offers an impressive range of features to optimize your Oracle databases.

This article provides an in-depth analysis of Oracle RAC One Node, covering its key features, licensing metrics, and costs, empowering you to leverage your Oracle investment optimally.

Key Features of Oracle RAC One Node

Oracle RAC One Node delivers several essential features designed to ensure your database operations’ robust performance and high availability. These include:

  1. Database Cold Failover: In the event of server or instance failure, the database can automatically failover to another node in the cluster, ensuring continuous service.
  2. Online Migration of Database Instance: Oracle RAC One Node supports the online migration of the database instance to another server, facilitating seamless operations during maintenance or upgrades.
  3. Support for Online Rolling Upgrades: This feature enables the online rolling upgrades of the database, grid infrastructure, and OS homes, minimizing downtime.
  4. Online Upgrade to Oracle Real Application Clusters: Oracle RAC One Node can be seamlessly upgraded to Oracle Real Application Clusters online, providing the benefits of full cluster capabilities when needed.
  5. Policy-managed Server Pools: This feature allows efficient management of resources in a dynamic, policy-driven manner.
  6. Quality of Service Management: Oracle RAC One Node enables the control and management of resources to meet the specific service levels required for your business applications.
  7. Application Continuity: This feature protects applications from database session failures and system downtime by preserving a consistent application experience.

Oracle RAC One Node Licensing

Oracle RAC One Node is an extra cost option for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition (EE) and Oracle Database Enterprise Edition – Exadata (EE-Exa). It’s also included with Oracle Database Standard Edition 2 (SE2).

Oracle RAC One Node License Costs

Based on the Oracle technology price list, the licensing costs for Oracle RAC One Node are as follows:

  • The Named User Plus license costs $23,000 per Named User Plus.
  • The Processor License costs $460 per Processor.

Note these prices may vary, and it’s advisable to check with Oracle or an authorized Oracle reseller for the most accurate and current pricing information.


What is Oracle RAC One Node?

Oracle RAC One Node is a single-instance database solution designed to enhance high availability and agility.

What are the key features of Oracle RAC One Node?

Key features include cold database failover, online migration of database instances, support for online rolling upgrades, online upgrade to Oracle Real Application Clusters, policy-managed server pools, quality of service management, and application continuity.

What is the cost of Oracle RAC One Node licenses?

The Named User Plus license costs $23,000 per Named User Plus, while the Processor License costs $460 per Processor.

By understanding Oracle RAC One Node, its features, and licensing details, businesses can strategically manage their Oracle investment, optimizing database operations, and driving enhanced performance.


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