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Microsoft Enterprise Agreement vs Select Plus: An Comparison

Differences between Microsoft Enterprise Agreement and Select Plus:

  • Microsoft Enterprise Agreement:
    • Aimed at large organizations (500+ users/devices).
    • Offers significant cost savings for large-scale deployments.
    • Simplifies license management, flexible for adding/adjusting services.
  • Microsoft Select Plus:
    • Suited for mid-size to large businesses (250+ users/devices).
    • Allows pay-as-you-go license purchases.
    • Provides license mobility, not tied to specific machines.

1. Microsoft Licensing: A Brief Recap

Microsoft’s licensing programs cater to varying business sizes, types, and needs. These licensing agreements offer organizations flexible options to acquire and manage Microsoft software and services.

The choice between them depends on several factors, including the organization’s size, the volume of Microsoft products required, and IT budget and needs.

2. Microsoft Enterprise Agreement: A Quick Overview

The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement is primarily designed for large organizations with 500 or more users or devices.

It provides the best value to organizations that prefer a manageable volume licensing program, enabling the procurement of cloud services and software licenses under a single agreement.

Key features of the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement include:

  • Cost-Effective: Provides considerable upfront cost savings for large-scale deployments compared to other licensing agreements.
  • Straightforward Management: The agreement encompasses all users or devices, simplifying license management.
  • Flexible: Permits adding and adjusting products and services throughout the agreement term.

3. Microsoft Select Plus: Unpacking the Details

Microsoft Select Plus was the go-to licensing agreement for mid-size and large organizations with 250 or more users or devices.

However, it’s essential to note that Microsoft phased out the Select Plus program in 2015, encouraging customers to move towards the Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) instead.

Still, the agreement remains valid for organizations that activated their Select Plus agreements before the phase-out.

Select Plus offers the following benefits:

  • No Specific Term Length: Select Plus agreements had no fixed end dates, which allowed businesses to purchase licenses as needed.
  • Transparency: Provided clear visibility of an organization’s overall license ownership.
  • License Mobility: Licenses were not tied to specific machines, enabling businesses to deploy software flexibly.

4. Microsoft Enterprise Agreement vs Select Plus: Point-by-Point Comparison

Even though Microsoft Select Plus is phased out, many organizations continue to operate under its terms. Thus, understanding its differences from Microsoft Enterprise Agreement can be beneficial.

Scope: Enterprise Agreement is ideal for large organizations with 500+ users or devices, while Select Plus targets mid-size to large businesses with 250+ users or devices.

Payment Structure: Enterprise Agreement requires an upfront payment, while Select Plus allows pay-as-you-go license purchases.

Contract Duration: Enterprise Agreement typically lasts three years, whereas Select Plus has no specific end date.

License Flexibility: The enterprise Agreement provides more flexibility in adding and adjusting licenses during the agreement term, while Select Plus offers license mobility, freeing licenses from specific machines.

5. FAQs on Microsoft Enterprise Agreement vs Select Plus

If my organization is still under a Select Plus agreement, should we transition to Enterprise Agreement?

Your decision to switch depends on your organization’s size, software needs, and budget. If your organization has grown substantially and has over 500 users or devices, transitioning to an Enterprise Agreement could be more cost-effective.

Can I still acquire a Select Plus agreement?

As of July 2015, Microsoft has stopped accepting new Select Plus.


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