The Salesforce Lightning Platform Starter and Lightning Platform Plus offer distinct features and pricing, catering to different organizational needs:

  • Lightning Platform Starter:
    • Custom Objects: Access to 10 custom objects.
    • Features: Process Automation, Lightning App Builder, AppExchange, Identity for Employees, and Customizable Reports and Dashboards.
    • Cost: Priced at USD 25/user/month (billed annually).
    • Additional: The Lightning Console is available for USD 25/user/month.
  • Lightning Platform Plus:
    • Custom Objects: Access to 110 custom objects.
    • Features: Similar to the Starter, it includes Process Automation, Lightning App Builder, AppExchange, Identity for Employees, and Customizable Reports and Dashboards.
    • Cost: Priced at USD 100/user/month (billed annually).
    • Additional: The Lightning Console is included in the package.

Salesforce Lightning Platform: Starter vs Plus

Salesforce Lightning Platform Starter vs Plus

In the evolving landscape of Salesforce licenses, understanding the differences between Lightning Platform Starter and Lightning Platform Plus is crucial for businesses aiming to optimize their Salesforce experience.

This comprehensive guide dives into the intricacies of these two platforms, helping you make an informed decision tailored to your organization’s needs.

Comparative Analysis of Lightning Platform Starter plus

Lightning Platform Starter and Lightning Platform Plus cater to different organizational scales and needs, each offering unique features and capacities.

  • Custom Objects Access:
    • Lightning Platform Starter: Provides access to 10 custom objects. Ideal for smaller-scale implementations or specific departmental needs.
    • Lightning Platform Plus: Expands this capacity to 110 custom objects, suitable for larger organizations or more complex data structures​​​​​​.
  • Pricing:
    • Starter: A more budget-friendly option, billed annually at USD 25/user/month.
    • Plus: Priced at USD 100/user/month, billed annually, reflecting its expanded capabilities​​​​.
  • Features:
    • Both platforms share core functionalities like Process Automation, Lightning App Builder, AppExchange, and Identity for Employees. The key distinction lies in the Lightning Console, which is an additional cost on the starter but is included in Plus​​​​​​.
  • Target Audience:
    • The Starter version aligns more with businesses requiring a foundational level of Salesforce functionality.
    • The Plus version is tailored for enterprises seeking extensive customization and data handling capabilities​​​​.

This section of the guide explains the distinct features and pricing structures of Lightning Platform Starter and Lightning Platform Plus, enabling businesses to align their Salesforce strategy with their specific requirements.

Comparison Between the Two

FeaturesLightning Platform StarterLightning Platform Plus
Custom Objects10110
Process AutomationYesYes
Lightning App BuilderYesYes
Identity for EmployeesYesYes
Customizable Reports and DashboardsYesYes
Lightning ConsoleAdditional $25 USD/user/monthIncluded


The cost for each platform is as follows:

  • Lightning Platform Starter: USD 25/user/month (billed annually)
  • Lightning Platform Plus: USD 100/user/month (billed annually)

Integration and Support Options for Salesforce Lightning Platforms


Navigating the integration and support services for Salesforce Lightning Platform Starter and Lightning Platform Plus is pivotal for optimizing their use within your organizational framework.

Integration Capabilities

Lightning Platform Starter and versions are designed with robust integration capabilities, ensuring seamless connectivity with various external systems and applications.

This integration potential is critical for businesses seeking a unified approach to their digital infrastructure.

  • Platform Integration: Direct integration with many outside applications and systems, facilitating a cohesive data management environment​​​​.
  • Customization and Expansion: There is an opportunity to expand capabilities through various add-ons, apps, and additional products, tailoring the platforms to specific business needs​​​​.

Support Plans

Salesforce offers structured support plans that cater to the varying needs of organizations using either the Starter or Plus versions.

  • Standard Success Plan: Accessible to all users, including self-guided and self-service resources like Trailhead, Help Portal, communities, knowledge articles, and webinars​​.
  • Premier and Signature Success Plans: These advanced plans offer enhanced features such as expert coaching sessions and 24/7 support, albeit at additional costs​

Top 5 Recommendations for Choosing Between Starter plus

Selecting between Lightning Platform Starter and Lightning Platform Plus requires a strategic approach.

Here are the top five recommendations to guide your decision:

  1. Assess Organizational Scale and Needs:
    • Evaluate the scale of your business operations and the complexity of your data management needs to determine the right platform.
  2. Budget Considerations:
    • Align your choice with budgetary constraints, considering each platform’s long-term value relative to its cost.
  3. Custom Object Requirements:
    • Estimate the number of custom objects your business will need. Starter is suitable for up to 10, while Plus offers up to 110.
  4. Integration and Support Services:
    • Examine your requirements for integration with external systems and the level of support your team may need.
  5. Future Scalability:
    • Consider the potential growth of your business and how each platform’s capabilities can accommodate future expansions.

Making an informed choice between Lightning Platform Starter and Lightning Platform Plus involves carefully analyzing these factors, ensuring that the selected platform aligns perfectly with your business’s present and future requirements.

FAQ: Lightning Platform Starter vs Lightning Platform Plus

What is the Salesforce Lightning Platform? It is a cloud-based platform for building apps and managing customer data.

How do the Starter and versions differ? Starter offers basic app development and standard support, while Plus provides advanced app development, increased storage, premium support, and more customization options.

Who should use the Starter version? The Starter version is ideal for small businesses or teams that need basic app functionality and have limited storage needs.

Who should use the Plus version? The Plus version suits larger businesses with complex app development needs, requiring more storage and premium support.

What are the key features of the Starter version? Starter includes basic app development, limited storage, standard support, and essential customization options.

What are the key features of the Plus version? It offers advanced app development, increased storage, premium support, and extensive customization options.

Can I upgrade from Starter to Plus? You can upgrade from Starter to Plus to access additional features and support.

How does app development differ between Starter plus? Starter supports basic app development with essential tools, while Plus includes advanced development tools for more complex apps.

What kind of support is included in the Starter version? Starter provides standard support with basic assistance and troubleshooting.

What kind of support is included in the Plus version? It offers premium support, priority access to Salesforce experts, and faster response times.

How much storage does each version provide? The starter includes limited storage that is suitable for small-scale operations. Plus, it offers increased storage to handle larger data volumes.

Are there differences in customization options? Starter includes essential customization options, while Plus allows for more extensive and detailed customizations.

What are the costs associated with each version? Costs vary based on the specific needs and scale of your organization. Starter is typically more affordable, while Plus offers more features at a higher price.

Is there a trial available for these versions? Salesforce often provides trials for its platforms. Check the Salesforce website for the latest trial offers.

How do I decide which version is right for my business? When choosing between Starter and, consider your business size, app development needs, storage requirements, and support preferences.

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