Licensing Consultants – 7 reasons why you hire one

Licensing Consultants – 7 reasons why you hire one

Licensing consultants are IT professionals who can bring tremendous value to enterprises working with different software licensing challenges including vendors such as Oracle, SAP, and IBM. Licensing consultants provide cutting edge expertise to the in-house IT procurement and IT asset management teams about the software vendors contracts, audit practices, license optimization strategies.


Licensing Consultants – Who are they?

The best ones worked at Oracle, IBM, or SAP because they have insights into how the vendor views different contract terms, licensing policies, how their sales organizations are organized and the inner dynamics that exists. There are obviously licensing consultants who have expertise without working at the vendors. However, we know from experience when it comes to Oracle, consultants who doesn’t come from Oracle are often wrong of their assumptions about audits or how Oracle will react on different licensing changes.


7 reasons why you should hire one


  • An independent licensing consultant is – if truly independent – without any economic interest in sales of licenses or services from the vendor.  
  • Having a second set of eyes on your Oracle licensing position can help you either verify your licensing position and help you identify any blind spots. Oracle, SAP, and IBM software have such a high cost that the savings a good licensing consultant will always deliver a high ROI.
  • If you are audited by Oracle, IBM or SAP having a licensing consultant who has been doing audits for the vendor and been engaged in 100+ audits, will bring an enormous wealth of experience and knowledge to your internal audit team.
  • If you have an enterprise agreement such as Oracle ULA, and are looking at certifying or renewing it, you might have little to no experience in your team. When it’s a critical contractual renewal, it’s very valuable to have someone who has done 100+ and 1 or 2.
  • Nobody will be an expert in all Oracle software products. If you want to obtain a licensing position that is correct and you cover multiple products, you should contact an Oracle license management firm and get the expertise to cover all Oracle products.
  • Save time for you and your company. By engaging with a licensing consultant you can free up time for you and your company to focus on other priorities.
  • Return of investment. Redress Compliance are Oracle licensing consultants and although we seldom talk about ROI, savings companies make by using our services are often 100-200x our service fee. Such ROI also reflects how other consultants are helping other companies with other vendors.


If you need licensing consultant  help you, contact us for a proposal and a statement of work.


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