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Java Price List – How does it work to calculate the costs.

Oracle Java Price list, which was released in January 2023, announced a new license model. This article will help explain how to read it and allow you to calculate the costs. We have a separate article on Java licensing.

Understanding its pricing structure is essential for budgeting and cost management.

This article explore Oracle’s Java SE Subscription pricing, using the official price list as our guide.

Java Price List

Oracle’s Java SE Subscription pricing is based on a monthly subscription model. The subscription price varies depending on the volume of employees using the subscription. 

Oracle Java SE Subscription Pricing

Subscription MetricVolumeMonthly Subscription Price (USD)
Employee for Java SE Universal Subscription1-999$15.00
Employee for Java SE Universal Subscription1,000-2,999$12.00
Employee for Java SE Universal Subscription3,000-9,999$10.50
Employee for Java SE Universal Subscription10,000-19,999$8.25
Employee for Java SE Universal Subscription20,000-29,999$6.75
Employee for Java SE Universal Subscription30,000-39,999$5.70
Employee for Java SE Universal Subscription40,000-49,999$5.25
Employee for Java SE Universal Subscription50,000+Contact for Details

Pricing Examples

Let’s consider a few scenarios to understand how the pricing works:

Scenario 1: Your company has a total employee count of 28,000. This includes 23,000 full-time, part-time, and temporary employees, plus 5,000 agents, contractors, and consultants. Therefore, the price would be 28,000 X $USD 6.75/month X 12 months = $USD 2,268,000/year.

Scenario 2: If your company has 1,500 employees, the monthly subscription price would be $12.00 per employee. So, the annual cost would be 1,500 X $12.00/month X 12 months = $216,000/year.

Scenario 3: For a small company with 500 employees, the monthly subscription price would be $15.00 per employee. The annual cost would be 500 X $15.00/month X 12 months = $90,000/year.

Conclusion on Java Price list

Oracle’s Java SE Subscription, by understanding the pricing structure, you can make informed decisions about your subscription and manage your costs effectively. 

Remember, the prices mentioned here are as of March 1, 2023, and are subject to change. Refer to the latest Oracle Java SE Subscription Global Price List for the most accurate information.

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