Independent advice on Oracle Cloud licensing

Independent advice on Oracle cloud licensing is more important than ever, when cloud providers are paying off consultants to steer their customers to migrate Oracle workloads to their specific cloud. Redress have no such partnerships and I want to lift the cover on why it is important to be independent.


Independent advice on Oracle Cloud licensing


Oracle customers are moving their Oracle workloads to Public cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure , Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud. What strikes us when we read online about how to license Oracle on AWS, how to license Oracle on Azure or even Oracle on GCP. Is that all the information and “educational” material is written by partners of these cloud providers. Go and look it up yourself if a company is writing about Oracle on AWS or Oracle on GCP they are listed as partners to the cloud providers.


This is not good at all for Oracle customers, as you evaluate which is the most cost effective and suitable cloud platform for your Oracle workload you want to have independent advice.


All the large software resellers are paid a fortune by Microsoft for recommending you to move the workloads to Azure, and the same goes for technology partners who recommend you to go to AWS and or Azure – they are paid incentives for recommending you to deploy Oracle on their cloud platforms.


4 reasons why you should want independent advice on Oracle Cloud Licensing


  • Cloud platforms have different Oracle licensing rules, and you want to make sure that the advice you are given is independent and is in your best interest. Not an AWS or GCP partner who is incentivized to recommend you use their cloud platform.


  • Cloud platforms also offer different added value possibilities, for example Oracle Cloud has unique benefits such as free diagnostic and tuning and its also the only place where you can buy per hour. We struggle to see why companies would simply recommend you deploy Oracle licenses on AWS without providing you with all the cloud options.


  • If you are an Oracle customer the existing investments that you made in Oracle software licenses can be utilized in ways depending on which cloud provider you choose, you want to be sure you are given all the options from your Oracle cloud licensing advisor.


  • We have worked at large companies who had partner agreements with Microsoft, AWS or Google and don’t believe for a second that they value you as a single customer more than their overall partnership with those vendors.


Redress Compliance can provide you with independent advice on Oracle cloud licensing, as we have no partnerships with AWS, Google, Azure, or Oracle. Our advice will always be in your best interest. If you are about to move your Oracle workloads to the cloud and want independent advise, contact us.



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