IBM Third-Party Support Providers: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction to IBM Third-Party Support Providers

The market for IBM third-party support is quite limited.

  • Origina is a prominent provider of third-party support for IBM software.
  • Recognized for its specialized expertise in IBM applications.
  • Often considered a leading choice among businesses.

IBM Third-Party Support Providers


1. Rimini Street

  • Overview: Renowned for its extensive support services, Rimini Street supports a wide range of IBM products.
  • Key Features: Proactive support, cost savings, and support for various IBM software versions.
  • Customer Feedback: Users have praised their structured approach and prompt resolution processes.

2. Origina

  • Overview: Origina specializes in third-party support for IBM applications, ensuring a high-touch experience.
  • Key Features: Support for IBM’s Informix Database installations and other IBM applications.
  • Customer Feedback: Clients have appreciated the easy transition and the quality of support received.



Opting for third-party support can be a strategic move for businesses using IBM software. By understanding each provider’s offerings, companies can make an informed decision that aligns with their operational needs and budgetary constraints.


What is IBM third-party support?

IBM third-party support refers to maintenance and support services for IBM software offered by providers other than IBM itself, specializing in IBM applications.

Who is Origina?

Origina is a leading provider of third-party support for IBM software, known for its deep expertise in IBM applications and commitment to offering cost-effective support solutions.

Why consider third-party support for IBM software?

Businesses turn to third-party support to reduce costs, receive more personalized service, and benefit from specialized expertise not always available from the original software vendor.

Is third-party support legal?

Yes, opting for third-party support is a legal and widely accepted practice in the IT industry. It allows companies to choose a support model that best suits their needs.

How does Origina compare to IBM’s own support services?

Origina often provides more customizable and flexible support options at a lower cost than IBM’s standard support services, with a focus on extending the lifecycle of IBM software assets.

What services does Origina offer?

Origina offers various services, including technical support, software maintenance, troubleshooting, and performance optimization for IBM software. For IBM software, including technical support, maintenance, troubleshooting, and performance optimization.

Can Origina support legacy IBM applications?

One of Origina’s specialties is supporting legacy IBM applications, providing expertise and assistance for software versions no longer supported by IBM.

How can third-party support improve my IT budget?

By choosing third-party support, companies can significantly reduce their software maintenance costs, freeing up the budget for other IT initiatives or innovations.

What about updates and patches?

Origina provides clients with necessary updates and patches to ensure software security and performance, even for legacy applications.

Is the transition to third-party support complex?

Transitioning to third-party support is typically straightforward, with providers like Origina guiding businesses through the process to ensure a seamless switch.

How does Origina ensure quality support?

Origina ensures quality support through its team of experts with extensive experience in IBM technologies, providing reliable and effective solutions to any issues that arise.

Can I switch back to IBM support after using a third-party provider?

Yes, businesses can return to IBM support services after using third-party support if they find it aligns better with their future needs.

How does third-party support affect my relationship with IBM?
Opting for third-party support doesn’t necessarily affect your relationship with IBM as a software vendor, but it’s important to communicate your support choices clearly.

For businesses considering a shift to third-party support for their IBM software, assessing each provider’s expertise, track record, and offerings is crucial.

By doing so, they can ensure they receive the best possible support tailored to their specific needs.


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