How to Save Money on Oracle Software License and Support Costs

To reduce Oracle software costs:

  1. Assess current license usage.
  2. Reevaluate edition needs.
  3. Optimize deployment platform.
  4. Explore cloud solutions.
  5. Review licensing models.
  6. Remove unneeded licenses.
  7. Understand Oracle support policies.

Six Ways For How to Save Money on Oracle Software License and Support Costs

How to Save Money on Oracle Software License and Support Costs

1. Conduct a Licensing Assessment

  • Purpose: Understand your current license usage and compliance.
  • Action: Identify which Oracle products are installed and how they match your entitlements. Ensure you have the necessary licenses and address any compliance gaps. Remember, most license compliance issues can be resolved without additional purchases.

2. Reassess Your Edition Requirements

  • Purpose: Determine if you need Oracle’s Enterprise Edition products.
  • Action: Evaluate whether the Standard Edition would suffice for your needs, potentially offering significant cost savings.

3. Optimize Your Deployment Platform

  • Purpose: Ensure efficient use of resources.
  • Action: Assess if the number of processors used for your database or application server is necessary. Reducing processor count can lower license requirements.

4. Consider Cloud-Based Solutions

  • Purpose: Explore more cost-effective hosting options.
  • Action: Investigate if hosting your Oracle solutions in a cloud-based environment, either in your data center or public cloud, could be more economical.

5. Review Your License Model

  • Purpose: Ensure you have the most cost-effective licensing model.
  • Action: Analyze your current license model. Switching to a different model might significantly reduce your license needs and associated costs.

6. Identify and Eliminate Unnecessary Licenses

  • Purpose: Trim excess licenses.
  • Action: After verifying all licensing requirements, identify surplus licenses or products you no longer need. Terminating these can reduce support costs.

7. Navigate Oracle Support Policies

  • Purpose: Overcome contractual roadblocks in reducing licenses.
  • Action: If reducing licenses seems challenging due to Oracle’s support policies (like intertwined licenses in a single contract), seek assistance from experts with Oracle contractual knowledge.

Need Expert Guidance on Reducing Oracle License and Support Costs?

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  • Tailored License Assessments: We’ll thoroughly analyze your Oracle license usage and entitlements, identifying areas for compliance and cost-saving opportunities.
  • Optimization Strategies: Our experts will help you evaluate your current Oracle deployment, guiding you through choosing the right editions, optimizing deployment platforms, and transitioning to more cost-effective cloud solutions.
  • License Model Review and Adjustment: We’ll analyze your existing license model and recommend changes that could lead to significant cost reductions.
  • Support Policy Navigation: Dealing with Oracle’s support policies can be challenging. Our team has the expertise to navigate these complexities, ensuring you can reduce licenses without contractual hurdles.

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