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How To Prepare For Oracle license audit – A checklist

How to Prepare for Oracle License Audit is a necessary process that requires strategic planning and expert guidance. Oracle LMS conducts Oracle audits.

This comprehensive guide provides a step-by-step checklist to help you navigate this process effectively and ensure your organization’s compliance with Oracle’s licensing terms.

Checklist for Preparing for an Oracle Audit

  1. Contact an Oracle Licensing Expert: Engaging an Oracle licensing expert at the outset is a critical first step. They can help you take control of the audit, formulate a strategy, create a timeline, and even delay the audit if necessary. Their expertise and experience can be invaluable in navigating the complexities of an Oracle audit.
  2. Conduct a Proactive Oracle Licensing Review: With the help of your Oracle licensing expert, conduct a proactive review of your Oracle licenses. The expert should be qualified to use Oracle audit scripts for this review. This is not the time to rely on in-house scripts or different Software Asset Management (SAM) tools. You need to replicate the Oracle license audit process as closely as possible.
  3. Review the Licensing Results: Once you have the results of your licensing review, assess your position before the official Oracle audit begins. Identify any potential areas of non-compliance and take corrective action as needed.
  4. Create an Oracle Audit Defense Plan: Develop a defense plan that puts you in control of the audit process. This plan should outline what scripts to run, what data to share, and the timelines for Oracle’s audit process. A clear plan can help ensure the audit proceeds smoothly and on your terms.
  5. Let Oracle Conduct the Audit: Once you have your defense plan, let Oracle conduct the audit under the agreed terms. With your preparation and planning, you should be able to manage the audit effectively.
  6. Wait Until the Audit Begins: If you have followed these steps and addressed any compliance issues proactively, you should not face any non-compliant findings at the end of the audit. With no surprises at the end of the audit, you can confidently demonstrate your organization’s compliance with Oracle’s licensing terms.


Here, we answer some common questions about preparing for an Oracle audit that was not covered in the main article.

What happens if we find non-compliance issues during our proactive Oracle licensing review?

If you identify any non-compliance issues during your proactive review, it’s essential to address them before the official Oracle audit begins. This might involve purchasing additional licenses, adjusting software usage, or renegotiating your Oracle Software License Agreements.

How long does an Oracle audit typically take?

The duration of an Oracle audit can vary depending on the size and complexity of your Oracle estate, the scope, and how well-prepared you are for the audit. However, most Oracle audits take several months to complete.

Can we refuse to participate in an Oracle audit?

Refusing to participate in an Oracle audit is not recommended. Oracle Software License Agreements typically include a clause that allows Oracle to audit your use of its software.


Preparing for an Oracle audit can be complex and challenging, but with the proper preparation and expert guidance, you can navigate this process effectively.

By following our checklist and proactively addressing potential compliance issues, you can ensure your organization’s compliance with Oracle’s licensing terms and manage the audit process on your terms.

Remember, the key to a successful Oracle audit is preparation, proactive license management, and expert guidance.


  • Fredrik Filipsson

    Fredrik Filipsson possesses 20 years of experience in Oracle license management. Having worked at Oracle for 9 years, he gained an additional 11 years of expertise in Oracle license consulting projects. Fredrik has provided assistance to over 150 organizations worldwide, ranging in size and tackling various Oracle licensing challenges, including Licensing Assessments, Oracle audits, Oracle ULAs, and more.