Flexera for Oracle Software Asset Management

Flexera for Oracle Software Asset Management

If you are looking for a solution to manage your Oracle licenses, Flexera is verified by Oracle. Its suite of products, including FlexNet Manager Suite, rightsize licenses, and protect your data. Among Flexera’s other services, it also offers licensing and maintenance management services. However, it is not cheap. It’s best to consider the overall cost of a software asset management solution before making a final decision.


Flexera is a global leader in software asset management


In addition to focusing on the Oracle database, Flexera also supports SAP and other major desktop software. The company’s customers include Boeing, Ford, CA, and Seibel Systems. Its robust software asset management platform helps clients manage their Oracle licenses and manage the associated cost. Its customers include the Fortune 500 and dozens of smaller businesses. The company’s software asset management platform tracks Oracle software usage in a product-specific manner.

The Flexera One discovery service enables enterprise users to discover and analyze elusive hardware and software assets across environments. The solution is built for today’s digital business and can find evidence required to assess license consumption and IBM sub-capacity needs. It can also plug inventory gaps and negotiate effectively with vendors, including Oracle. This service is also available for large-scale organizations. Flexibleera’s enterprise software asset management solution provides comprehensive visibility across the IT ecosystem, which is essential for reducing costs and license risk.

In addition to providing an enterprise-grade SAM solution, Flexera’s corporate software inspector continuously identifies and applies security patches across an organization’s network. The system also integrates with management tools for patch deployment and compliance orchestration. Additionally, the Flexera Corporate Software Inspector continuously identifies and applies critical security patches to more than 20,000 applications. Furthermore, its FlexNet Publisher license management solution is designed to help corporate users manage licenses across multiple end users.


Its core product, Corporate Software Inspector, continuously identifies vulnerable applications and applies security patches


The Flexera product suite is a comprehensive solution for software asset management and monetization. Flexera’s products enable organizations to manage software assets, reduce ongoing costs, and maintain compliance. Corporate Software Inspector continuously identifies and applies security patches to more than 20,000 applications, and integrates with management tools for patch deployment. It includes vulnerability advisories, patch assessments, prepackaged patches, and integration with WSUS and SCCM. It also enables centralized management and workflow orchestration for patch deployment.

For a base price of $14,678, Flexera’s Corporate Software Inspector offers multiple delivery methods, including software as a service, on-premises installations, and cloud-based subscriptions. The tool provides proactive vulnerability scanning and prioritizes remediation. It also includes alerts for pending security patches, email notifications, and SMS alerts. Additionally, the Corporate Software Inspector provides comprehensive visibility across dozens of products, and a subscription is available to suit your needs.

Incorporating Microsoft System Center 2012 Flexera’s Corporate Software Inspector can help companies protect their IT assets with automatic vulnerability scanning and patch management. Flexera’s Corporate Software Inspector also integrates with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, so users can manage all security patches from one console. And as a cloud-based product, it can be used on Windows, Linux, and Apple macOS platforms.


Its suite of products includes FlexNet Manager Suite


A leader in Application Usage Management solutions Flexera Software recently announced the availability of FlexNet Manager Suite for Oracle software asset management. This new offering offers true optimization capabilities across Oracle applications. Users can use a single interface to view inventory and license data, while flexible pricing structures allow companies to maximize savings and minimize risk. The FlexNet Manager Suite for Oracle is priced by the number of managed devices and has tiered volume discounts.

The enterprise-focused FlexNet Manager Suite for Oracle software asset management is built on ManageSoft’s technology, which add the ability to optimize desktop and data center applications, as well as providing a platform for license optimization across other applications in the future. This new acquisition complements Flexera’s existing SAP, Oracle, and engineering application solutions. This acquisition enables organizations to implement a more granular IT management strategy and avoid splurging on unnecessary or unneeded software.

The suite of Flexera’s products also supports software licensing, and security, as well as hardware and application management. FlexNet Manager Suite for Oracle software asset management, for example, includes an e-commerce platform and enterprise asset management. Both of these suites are easy to use and offer a variety of features, but Flexera’s Suite is especially useful for Oracle and SAP applications.


It’s pricey


IT asset management is a crucial component of proactive IT management. Workflows are not effective when it comes to tracking complex software licenses and managing hardware. Likewise, they cannot identify missing hardware or calculate effective license positions if the software is complex. Fortunately, Flexera for Oracle software asset management offers rich intelligence in the form of automated licensing calculations. As a result, it eliminates the need for workflows and spreadsheets.

While Flexera for Oracle software asset management is expensive, the benefits of its service outweigh the costs. With a unified view of IT assets across on-premises, cloud, and SaaS deployments, Flexera’s software helps enterprises manage their costs, mitigate risk, and maximize every technology investment. It’s not for everyone, however, and you should not expect to see the same results from the Flexera for Oracle software asset management solution as other companies.

It’s hard to calculate the true licensing needs of an Oracle environment. But the software asset management experts at USU have the tools and knowledge to do it. They perform detailed analyses of the software’s usage, including virtualization dependencies. This ensures the quality of the SAM tools that you invest in. The company is backed by a comprehensive guarantee, as well as ongoing support. The company’s Oracle-certified SAM tool has the necessary expertise to handle even the largest Oracle ecosystems.



It’s slow


Although Flexera for Oracle software asset management is a good product, it is not without its problems. Flexera users have complained of slowness and a lack of visibility into its code. Nevertheless, the company does recognize that Oracle database products are critical to its business. Customers include Seibel Systems, Adobe, Autodesk, Boeing, BP, CA, Ford, and a long list of other companies. Flexera can manage software assets in a product-specific way and offers several deployment options.

Despite the slow performance, the FlexNet Manager Platform offers many benefits, including license optimization and license compliance management. It is built on Flexera’s FlexNet Manager Platform and is available for on-premises or cloud-based installations. This software asset management solution is a CIO’s cockpit, allowing IT managers to gain visibility into software risk, optimize spend, and plan for the future. But its price is high compared to some of its competitors.


It’s not always working


IT asset management begins with knowing what’s in the ecosystem. Flexera One identifies all the elusive software and hardware across environments, optimizes for the needs of the modern digital business, and uncovers the evidence required to determine license consumption and IBM sub-capacity requirements. It plugs inventory gaps and negotiates with IBM in an efficient manner. With more than 20 years of experience, Flexera is the leading software asset management solution for Oracle.

The problem with workflows and other systems is that they do not identify missing hardware or calculate license positions for complex software. Flexera makes these tasks automated and time-efficient, allowing IT professionals to focus on strategic product plans. Its discovery function and role and group management functions are outstanding, as are its integrations. However, Flexera requires a high level of knowledge to make it work. As a result, it’s not for everyone.

This issue can occur when the Oracle server runs under different user accounts. If the server runs multiple instances of the same application, it’s necessary to configure the Oracle instance home path in the ORACLE_HOME environment variable. A mismatch between the path and the environment variable will prevent the inventory from being collected by a locally installed inventory component. It may also be necessary to manually set the category of the sub-asset.


Flexera Oracle


Flexera is verified by Oracle as a tool, this means that Flexera has been given Oracle audit scripts. If you use Flexera Oracle module to manage Oracle licenses, you will have a copy of the raw output that Oracle LMS scripts provide. That is then given to Oracle instead of you running Oracle scripts as you have already done so if you are using Flexera. There are both benefits and drawbacks with being verified by Oracle.



If you have the expertise to analyze the raw Oracle LMS script output, you can easier understand your Oracle licensing.


It is MUCH easier for Oracle to audit you, as you have already run their audit tools on your environments.


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