Frequently Asked Question`s

Where are you based?

Our Oracle licensing consultants are based in Europe, Asia and North America. We are able to deliver all of our services remotely to all countries and we cover all timezones. Our Oracle license experts are accustomed to helping companies across different continents and have experience in supporting clients in with cultural and regional differences.

Can you help us with non-Oracle software licensing and cloud?

Yes, we have advisory consultants and analysts for other vendors such as Microsoft, IBM, Salesforce and SAP. These consultants are leader in their field with 20+ years of experience dedicated to one of the vendors. Schedule an meeting find out more.

How do you help me with licensing?

We analyze Oracle LMS scripts (to simulate an real Oracle licensse audit) or use your existing software asset management tool. Some Oracle software products require manual review and analysis to create an Oracle licensing report.
For Oracle SaaS usage reviews we use reports that our clients extract from the Oracle Cloud Dashboard and we are then able to provide a licensing report as well as SaaS optimization results.

Which products can you help me with?

All Oracle technology products including database and middleware, including Weblogic and Webcenter products. We are also able to license audit Oracle E-business Suite where we can provide a detailed analysis which you can use to re-assign and optimize your Oracle EBS licensing. We are also able to review Siebel using Oracle LMS scripts where we can provide our clients with a clear licensing position that you can use to make a procurement decision or optimize your licensing. Other products that we can audit is Oracle Java, Oracle Primavera, Oracle Agile, Oracle JD Edwards, Oracle Hyperion EPM, Oracle Fusion HCM, Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Fusion ERP.

Do you resell any software?

No Redress Compliance does not resell any Oracle software or any other software such as license management tools. That will give you confidence that we are not trying to steer you into any direction other than trying to offer the best advice we can to our customers. We are not a partner of AWS and we are not going to try to steer you into moving to AWS for Oracle except when its in your best interest, the same applies for any other Public cloud platform such as Oracle Cloud, Azure and Google

How long does an Oracle licensing review take?

An Oracle licensing review takes approx 4-8 weeks to complete depending on the size of your Oracle software estate. The timeline starts from when we recieve the required data to analyze. We take the data and analyze your Oracle software deployments to understand what is active today, but also review historical usage which Oracle will require you to license as well. After the Oracle licensing analysis has been completed, we present the report both in Microsoft Excel as well as en Executive management report containing the results of the engagement and financial risk with our recommendations.

An Oracle SaaS usage review is based upon the number of users that you have but as a general rule it takes approx 4-6 weeks to complete an analysis of all your SaaS usage.

What is your pricing based upon?

We price our Oracle license management services based upon the work effort required from our Oracle licensing consultants. To review Oracle licensing we count the number of Oracle databases that you have deployed. If we are asked to review Oracle middleware we count the number of servers running Oracle Middleware. For Oracle applications pricing is based upon the number of production instances (databases) where you store your application user data. Oracle SaaS usage reviews are based upon the number of users that you have provisioned in your Oracle Cloud Dashboard. As we have experience in delivering hundreds of Oracle license review engagements, based upon that experience we have a good understanding how much effort the engagement will take.

How much can i expect an engagement with Redress Compliance to cost?

We are neither not the most expensive provider of Oracle license management and cloud services in the market, but we are never the lowest cost option either. The pricing will be based around what your requirements are for us you with. Pricing is generally based upon, scope of engagement, length of engagement and the expertise of our Oracle license expert who will lead the engagement.