Oracle EBS to Cloud service is for companies who wants to migrate their Oracle EBS environment either to Oracle AWS, Oracle Cloud, Azure, GCP or transition to Oracle Fusion. This should be done 3-12 months before any go-live date for best ROI.

Oracle EBS license compliance risks


You are unknowingly using Oracle EBS modules that triggers additional software licenses, which can significantly increase your cloud service costs in Oracle Fusion.


If you decline Oracle offers to moving to the cloud, there is an increased chance you will face an Oracle license audit in the next 12 months.


Mapping Oracle EBS users and licensing metrics to Oracle Fusion is a difficult task, and trusting Oracle to do it correctly, will simply mean you over-pay to Oracle in cloud services.


Negotiating an Oracle Fusion agreement is full of pitfalls. We help you make sure that you pay for what you need and when you need it – not for additional services that Oracle wants to sell to you.

Oracle EBS License Audit

We are former Oracle LMS auditors. We analyze using Oracle LMS scripts and methods to simulate an official Oracle license audit for your Oracle EBS environment. You will run the script on your production environment, and we will analyze the script output. Once we have completed the analysis of your data, we review your contracts to match your entitlements against the data to create an Oracle licensing report. Then we map it against Oracle Fusion cloud or any other in non-Oracle cloud platforms.

Oracle EBS to Cloud service includes:

An Oracle EBS licensing position including financial risk for each module.

A detailed report including all the user named for each mapped module and the last time they logged in.

A contract analysis to define your license entitlements.

Oracle EBS license optimization recommendations.

Oracle EBS to Oracle Fusion – Licensing to Cloud Mapping.

Negotiation support if you are moving to Oracle Fusion, including sharing best practices and help you build your Oracle Cloud Contract.

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Do you want to move to Oracle Fusion and want to make sure that you purchase the right Oracle Fusion cloud licenses? We can help you map your usage with the right cloud services and design your cloud agreement to align the agreement with your actual usage.

Redress compliance are experts in Oracle License Management

Redress compliance are experts in Oracle License Management. Redress is recognized as the leading Oracle licensing experts providing Oracle license compliance, Oracle audit defense, Cloud transition and Oracle ULA services. Serving clients in 41 countries across The US, Europe, Africa, Middle-East, Japan and Brazil.

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