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Oracle Software Licensing – Compliance handbook

Published: February 25, 2020


Oracle Software Compliance handbook, this handbook is essential for license managers that are challenged by the complexity of Oracle Licensing. It contains 29 of the most common compliance issues that we see and recommendations on how to deal with them. It covers Oracle Technology, Oracle Applications and Java Licensing

Table of Contents:


Oracle has thousands of Software Products, makes it an impossible challenge for
even large companies with dedicated software asset management teams to
manage Oracle Licenses.

  • SAM tools in the market are generally only available to
    measure database with clear gaps.
  • Oracle Technology Software License Compliance Issues
  • Full review of 20 common Oracle Technology Compliance issues
  • How to remediate compliance issues when discovered
  • Oracle Application Software License Compliance Issues
    • Oracle E-business Suite
  • Common Oracle Java License Issues
    • Review issues often found at companies and take appropiate steps to remediate

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