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Oracle Software Licensing – 6 Contract terms that should be included in your agreements

Published: February 25, 2020


This document contains the a check list for Software Asset and IT procurement professionals to use when negotiating Oracle Licensing Agreements (On-Premise Software)

Table of Contents:

  • Key Challenges

Understanding which contract terms that can pose a financial risk in an license audit

Oracle contracts are notorious for its lock-in mechanism of future OPEX

Oracle has poor standards and many customers have multiple terms and conditions for the same licenses

  • Who has achieves the best licensing agreements
    • Re-negotiation of existing contracts
  • 7 step toolkit for reviewing Oracle contracts
    • Controlling OPEX (Technical Support costs)
    • Protecting your company in a future license audit by negotiating robust agreements
  • 6 must-ask questions to ensure your contract is covering your usage need
    • Recommendations on how to construct the optimal licensing agreement

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