Do Microsoft Volume Licenses Expire?

Do Microsoft Volume Licenses Expire?

Microsoft Volume Licenses do not expire and are perpetual, meaning once purchased, the license can be used indefinitely.

However, the right to receive product updates or support may be limited based on the specific agreement terms.

Do Microsoft Volume Licenses Expire?

Do Microsoft Volume Licenses Expire

Understanding Microsoft Volume Licenses

Microsoft Volume Licensing is a service provided by Microsoft that allows businesses, charities, and educational institutions to acquire multiple software licenses at a reduced cost.

This type of licensing is designed to make it easier and more affordable for organizations to run software on multiple computers.

Do Microsoft Volume Licenses Expire?

Do Microsoft Volume Licenses Expires

The simple answer to this question depends on the specific volume licensing program and the terms of the agreement.

Some Microsoft Volume Licensing programs offer perpetual licenses, which means the licenses do not expire. Once you purchase a perpetual license, you can use the software indefinitely.

However, other Microsoft Volume Licensing programs operate on a subscription basis. This means the licenses are only valid for a specific period, typically one or two years.

Once this period ends, the licenses expire, and you must renew your subscription to continue using the software.

Software Assurance and License Expiration

Microsoft’s Software Assurance is an essential factor to consider when discussing license expiration.

Software Assurance is a comprehensive maintenance offering to help organizations maximize their software investment. It combines the latest software with phone support, partner services, training, and IT tools.

If your organization has Software Assurance, it’s important to note that while the software licenses may be perpetual, the Software Assurance benefits expire and must be renewed.

These benefits include new software versions, deployment planning, technical and end-user training, support, and unique technologies and services.


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