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Deep Dive into Oracle OLAP Licensing

Introduction Oracle OLAP Licensing

Oracle On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) is a vital tool in business intelligence, enabling you to analyze data across multiple dimensions swiftly and accurately.

This article will provide a comprehensive view of Oracle OLAP‘s critical features, licensing metrics, and costs, providing you with the knowledge needed to leverage this robust analytics tool fully.

Main Features of Oracle OLAP

Oracle OLAP comes packed with a variety of features designed to enhance and simplify your analytical processes:

  1. OLAP Cube Definition, Storage, and Querying: This feature allows you to define, store, and query multidimensional OLAP cubes for efficient and complex data analysis.
  2. OLAP API and Metadata: You can manage metadata and interact with the OLAP data using a programmable interface, allowing for customizable data interactions.
  3. OLAP Cube Materialized Views: These views enable the precomputation and storage of OLAP cube data, increasing query performance.
  4. Analytic Workspaces: This provides a flexible and efficient environment for developing advanced analytical applications and storing multidimensional data.
  5. SQL Access to OLAP Cubes: OLAP data can be accessed using SQL, allowing seamless integration with Oracle database tools and any SQL-compatible applications.

Oracle OLAP Licensing

Oracle OLAP is an extra cost option for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition (EE) and Oracle Database Enterprise Edition – Exadata (EE-Exa).

However, it comes included with Oracle Database Personal Edition (PE), Oracle Database Cloud Service Enterprise Edition – High Performance (DBCS EE-HP), Oracle Database Cloud Service Enterprise Edition – Extreme Performance (DBCS EE-EP), and Oracle Exadata Cloud Service (ExaCS/CC).

Importantly, it should be noted that the Oracle OLAP product licensing must match the license metric and quantity of the Database Enterprise Edition product. This means that your OLAP licenses must align with the permits for your Database Enterprise Edition in terms of metric (either Processor or Named User Plus) and the number of licenses.

Oracle OLAP License Costs

Based on the Oracle technology price list, the licensing costs for Oracle OLAP are as follows:

  • The Named User Plus license costs $460 per Named User Plus.
  • The Processor License costs $23,000 per Processor.

As pricing can fluctuate, it’s advised to consult with Oracle or an authorized Oracle reseller for the most current pricing information.


What is Oracle OLAP?

Oracle OLAP is an analytical processing tool that allows businesses to analyze multidimensional data swiftly and accurately.

What are the key features of Oracle OLAP?

Key features include OLAP Cube Definition, Storage, Querying, OLAP API and Metadata, OLAP Cube Materialized Views, Analytic Workspaces, and SQL Access to OLAP Cubes.

What is the cost of Oracle OLAP licenses?

The Named User Plus license costs $460 per Named User Plus, while the Processor License costs $23,000 per Processor.

How is Oracle OLAP licensed?

Oracle OLAP Is licensed per Named User or Processor. Licensing choice must match the database enterprise edition licenses.

With its robust set of features and flexible licensing options, Oracle OLAP is a critical tool for businesses seeking to enhance their analytical capabilities.

By understanding the ins and outs of Oracle OLAP, organizations can strategically leverage this tool to unlock insightful business intelligence.


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