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Case Study: UK Retail Chain Optimizes its Oracle Licensing


A large UK retail chain sought to understand and manage its Oracle Database, Oracle WebLogic, and Oracle E-Business Suite licensing.

Facing a complex database environment across various platforms, the company needed expert guidance to ensure it was fully compliant and optimally utilizing its Oracle licenses.

They contracted with Redress Compliance Oracle License Management Services.


Due to the complexity and scale of its Oracle installations, the retail chain was confronting a potential compliance risk.

The multifaceted nature of its database environment made it challenging to fully comprehend its licensing position. Therefore, it needed a comprehensive strategy to mitigate this risk and optimize its licensing.


Redress Compliance was enlisted to provide a strategic solution:

  • Oracle License Review: Redress thoroughly reviewed the retail chain’s Oracle licenses to better understand their licensing position. This helped identify areas of mistaken or accidental non-compliance and quantify the risk.
  • Licensing Assessment: Redress conducted a licensing assessment to identify potential mistaken or accidental non-compliance areas.
  • Remediation Advice: Redress provided expert advice to address the identified compliance issues. Effective mitigation strategies were developed to rectify these issues.
  • License Optimization: Redress guided the retail chain in optimizing their license usage, which included terminating unused licenses and support, ensuring they purchased only what they needed.


The retail chain gained a clear understanding of its licensing position, which allowed them to:

  • Remove mistaken or accidental compliance issues.
  • Purchase only what they need.
  • Terminate unused licenses and support. (200k GBP)

Quote from the Vice President of IT

“The in-depth expertise of Redress Compliance has been crucial in our internal Oracle license review. Their comprehensive approach to license assessment and their strategic advice has been instrumental in helping us navigate the complexities of our Oracle licensing. They identified crucial areas where we could optimize and reduce our costs, guiding us in making informed decisions that significantly benefitted our organization.”


This case study highlights Redress Compliance’s ability to provide comprehensive solutions for Oracle licensing.

By understanding each client’s unique needs and challenges, Redress Compliance can deliver strategies that ensure compliance and guide clients in making informed licensing decisions.


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