Case Study - Cost Optimization / Case Study - License Reviews

Case Study: Telco operator saves $ 25m over 5 years on Oracle Support

Case Study - Cost Optimization / Case Study - License Reviews

Case Study: Telco operator saves $ 25m over 5 years on Oracle Support


One of the largest global telecommunications operators sought Redress Compliance’s expertise to devise a roadmap for reducing their Oracle support costs. With a complex application environment, they needed expert guidance to navigate the intricacies of Oracle licensing and support.


The operator was facing a potential non-compliance risk of $170 million. They needed a comprehensive strategy to mitigate this risk and optimize their Oracle support costs.


Redress Compliance was enlisted to provide a strategic solution:

  1. Oracle Licensing Agreement Review: Redress conducted a thorough review of the operator’s Oracle licensing agreements to gain a clear understanding of their licensing position.
  2. Interviews and Roadmap Understanding: Redress conducted interviews to understand the usage of Oracle in their organization and their future roadmap.
  3. Licensing Assessment: Redress conducted a licensing assessment using Oracle license compliance scripts.
  4. Non-Compliance Identification: Redress identified non-compliance worth $170 million.
  5. Compliance Remediation: The operator remediated their compliance findings with Redress’s guidance.
  6. Support Reduction Strategy Workshop: Redress hosted a workshop to review all options available to reduce support costs.
  7. Third-Party Support Decision: The operator moved Oracle DB and MW to a third-party support provider.
  8. Third-Party Support Contract Negotiation: Redress helped negotiate the third-party support contract, and the operator only paid 50% of what they paid to Oracle.


The operator avoided a potential $170 million non-compliance risk and reduced their Oracle support costs by $25 million over five years.


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