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Case Study: PeopleSoft Licensing Assessment before an Audit


A leading U.S. manufacturing company was preparing for an upcoming Oracle license audit and sought expert assistance to review their PeopleSoft licenses.

The company contracted with Redress Compliance to ensure they were fully compliant and optimally positioned ahead of the audit.

The client contracted for our Oracle license management services.


The company faced significant challenges due to the complexities inherent in its PeopleSoft licensing. To manage these licenses across its extensive manufacturing operations, it must thoroughly understand its licensing position to avoid potential non-compliance issues and associated penalties during the audit.


Redress Compliance was brought on board to provide strategic guidance and solutions:

  • PeopleSoft License Review: Redress conducted an in-depth review of the company’s PeopleSoft licenses. This comprehensive analysis helped to clearly outline the company’s current licensing situation and identify any areas of potential non-compliance.
  • Licensing Assessment: A detailed assessment was performed to determine the accuracy of the licensing records compared to actual usage, identifying discrepancies and areas for improvement.
  • Audit Preparation: Redress provided specialized advice on preparing for the Oracle license audit, ensuring that the company could address any concerns proactively and efficiently.
  • Remediation Advice: Expert advice was given on rectifying any identified issues, ensuring that the company was fully compliant and well-prepared for the audit.


With the help of Redress Compliance, the manufacturing company was able to:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of its PeopleSoft licensing position.
  • Prepare thoroughly for the upcoming Oracle audit.
  • Address potential compliance issues proactively, avoiding costly penalties.

Quote from the Chief Information Officer

“The guidance and expertise provided by Redress Compliance have been crucial in our preparation for the Oracle audit. Their thorough review and strategic recommendations have given us a clear understanding of our PeopleSoft licensing position, which is invaluable. Their support has been essential in ensuring we approach the audit with confidence and compliance.”


This case study highlights Redress Compliance’s expertise in preparing companies for Oracle license audits.

By understanding U.S. manufacturing companies’ specific needs and challenges, Redress Compliance helps ensure that their clients are well-prepared and compliant, minimizing risks and enhancing their readiness for license audits.


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