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Case Study: Oracle ULA Certification for a Leading Middle Eastern Bank

The Challenge A Bank in the Middle East sought Redress Compliance’s help for Oracle ULA certification, addressing licensing assessment challenges, maximizing ULA, and managing public cloud deployments.

The Solution Redress Compliance provided:

  • Oracle ULA License Review: In-depth review of the Bank’s Oracle ULA licenses.
  • Oracle ULA Training: Comprehensive training on Oracle ULA for the bank’s team.
  • Licensing Assessment: Identification of potential non-compliance areas.
  • Remediation Advice: Strategies to mitigate risks, reducing them substantially.
  • Oracle ULA Strategy: Custom ULA strategy development for Database, Options, Packs, and 32,000 processor licenses.
  • Certification Process: A 6-month process leading to Oracle’s approval.

The Outcome The Bank avoided substantial financial risks and successfully certified its Oracle ULA.

Testimonial: “The strategic approach of Redress Compliance was invaluable in navigating our Oracle ULA certification. Their expertise in licensing assessment and negotiation greatly benefited our organization, helping us to effectively manage our Oracle assets and navigate complex compliance issues.” – VP IT Vendor Management, Middle Eastern Bank


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