Case Study - Java Licensing

Case Study: Oracle Java Audit Defense for a US Fortune 100 Company


A Fortune 100 US organization with 60,000 employees faced a challenging Oracle Java audit without a prior licensing strategy.

The Challenge

The organization was audited by Oracle for Java products, exposing them to potential compliance issues and substantial financial penalties.

The Solution

Redress Compliance provided a multifaceted approach:

  • Java Licensing Assessment: A thorough evaluation of the company’s Java usage.
  • Java Audit Defense Strategy: Devising a robust defense plan against the audit.
  • Java Audit Defense Delay Plan: Implementing strategies to delay the audit for better preparation.
  • Java Licensing Optimization: Optimizing Java licensing to align with actual usage.
  • Java Audit Negotiations: Negotiating with Oracle to mitigate potential penalties.

The Outcome

The organization saved over $5 million over four years by:

  • Avoiding the purchase of employee metric licenses for all employees.
  • Utilizing negotiation strategies and benchmarking data.
  • Implementing license optimization techniques.

Client Testimonial

“Redress Compliance offered invaluable advice on Oracle’s Java audit process. Their ironclad audit defense plan and insights into license models and discounts were pivotal in closing the audit and avoiding much higher penalties.” – Director of Sourcing, US Fortune 100 Company.


This case study demonstrates the critical importance of a strategic approach to software audits. With expert guidance and strategic planning, significant cost savings and compliance optimization can be achieved.


  • Fredrik Filipsson

    Fredrik Filipsson brings two decades of Oracle license management experience, including a nine-year tenure at Oracle and 11 years in Oracle license consulting. His expertise extends across leading IT corporations like IBM, enriching his profile with a broad spectrum of software and cloud projects. Filipsson's proficiency encompasses IBM, SAP, Microsoft, and Salesforce platforms, alongside significant involvement in Microsoft Copilot and AI initiatives, enhancing organizational efficiency.