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Case Study: Oracle Java Audit Defense for a Major Swiss Company with 135,000 Employees Globally

The Challenge

A Swiss company with 135,000 global employees faced an Oracle Java audit, potentially leading to significant compliance issues and financial penalties.

The Solution

Redress Compliance’s multifaceted approach included:

  • Java Licensing Assessment: Evaluating the company’s Java usage.
  • Java Audit Defense Strategy: Creating a defense against the audit.
  • Java Audit Defense Delay Plan: Strategies to delay the audit for better preparation.
  • Java Licensing Optimization: Aligning Java licensing with actual usage.
  • Java Audit Negotiations: Negotiating with Oracle to reduce penalties.


“The strategic approach of Redress Compliance was pivotal in managing the Oracle Java audit. Their comprehensive assessment and negotiation skills significantly mitigated our risks and financial liabilities.” – Head of IT Vendor Management


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