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Case study: Oracle Java audit defense for a major European airline company

The Challenge

A European airline company with 12,000 employees faced Oracle’s pressure for Java license purchases. Oracle claimed to have logs of the company’s security updates and downloads, leading to a USD 6 million claim.

The Solution

Redress Compliance’s strategy included:

  • Java Audit Defense Strategy: Crafting a robust defense against Oracle’s audit.
  • Java Audit Negotiations: Negotiating with Oracle to reduce potential penalties.
  • Java Audit Communications: Managing communication strategies to counter Oracle’s claims.

The Outcome

Over four years, the airline saved over $6 million, avoiding large-scale license purchases for all employees. Oracle’s legal pursuits were effectively halted.


“Our experience with Redress Compliance has been transformative. Facing a daunting $6 million claim from Oracle, their strategic guidance in audit defense and negotiations was pivotal. They helped us avoid excessive licensing costs and shielded us from Oracle’s legal pressure. Their expertise was crucial for our company at a critical time.” – Deputy CIO, European Airline Company.


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