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Case Study: Navigating Oracle Java Audit for a Large French Company with 80,000 Employees

The Challenge

A French multinational company with 80,000 employees was confronted by Oracle over Java licenses based on Oracle’s claims of widespread security update downloads within the company.

The Solution

Redress Compliance implemented a comprehensive approach:

  • Java Audit Defense Strategy: Developed a strong strategy to counter Oracle’s audit claims.
  • Java Audit Negotiations: Engaged in extensive negotiations to reduce potential liabilities.
  • Java Audit Communications: Crafted a strategic communication plan to challenge Oracle’s allegations.

The Outcome

The company effectively avoided substantial licensing costs and mitigated Oracle’s legal actions.


“The strategic insights and expertise from Redress Compliance were invaluable during our Oracle Java audit challenge. Their approach in audit defense and negotiation helped us navigate the situation’s complexities, resulting in significant cost savings and a favorable outcome.” – Head of Enterprise Architecture, French Multinational Company.


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