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Case Study: Greek Financial Institute Saves 700k euros on Oracle software


A prominent Greek financial institution needed expert assistance to manage its Oracle licensing for Oracle Database, Oracle WebLogic, Oracle Primavera, and Oracle Siebel. With a complex software environment spread across multiple departments, the institution sought to ensure compliance and optimize its licensing strategy.

They contracted for our Oracle license management services.


The financial institution faced significant compliance risks and inefficiencies in license usage.

The complexity of managing diverse Oracle products across various operational sectors challenged their ability to fully understand their licensing position.

They needed an effective strategy to address these issues and achieve cost-effective licensing management.


Redress Compliance was enlisted to provide tailored solutions:

  • Oracle License Review: Redress thoroughly reviewed the institution’s Oracle licenses to clearly understand its current position and identify any areas of non-compliance or accidental licensing overlaps.
  • Licensing Assessment: A comprehensive assessment was conducted to pinpoint areas where licensing inefficiencies cost the institution unnecessary expenditure.
  • Remediation Advice: Expert advice was provided on correcting identified licensing issues, leading to significant remediation savings.
  • License Optimization: Strategic guidance was given on optimizing license usage, focusing on terminating unused licenses and support, which resulted in substantial savings.


Through the strategic review and optimization of its Oracle licenses, the Greek financial institution achieved:

  • A clear understanding of its licensing position.
  • Remediation savings amounting to €119 million.
  • Support cost savings of €700,000.

Quote from the Chief Technology Officer

“Redress Compliance’s expertise has been invaluable in our Oracle licensing review. Their detailed approach and strategic insights have enabled us to navigate the complexities of our licensing structure effectively.

Their recommendations helped us achieve significant financial savings and enhanced our compliance posture, ensuring operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.”


This case study exemplifies Redress Compliance’s ability to deliver comprehensive Oracle licensing solutions. By understanding financial institutions’ unique challenges, Redress Compliance helps clients achieve compliance, optimize their licensing strategies, and realize significant cost savings.


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