22 “must ask”​ questions in an Oracle license audit


Have you recieved an notification letter from Oracle about an upcoming license audit?

It may be natural to believe, as the software vendor has the right to audit your
usage. You shall pay for the software that you are using.


It is not that simple, 90% of all audit fees paid to Oracle is not because you are
over-using Oracle Software. It is simply that the company have misunderstood
or made a mistake in deploying Oracle. This is causing companies to pay
millions in un-necessary software spend to Oracle.

We have written a guide on how to react to the audit letter, you can read it


We did a interview video recently where we talk about how to respond to
the license audit and why you are selected for an license audit. You can watch it
in our video section


Any company that have recieved the audit letter should undertake the following actions


1. Review the audit clause in your software agreements

2. Review your Oracle environments (use the audit script Oracle provides you
then have a independent consultant analyze them and tell you the outcome

3. Review the results and decide if you wish to make changes to your Oracle environments before
the official audit begins

4. If you follow the steps above you will reduce your audit fees by 90-100%


If you recieved an audit letter, we can help you analyze your Oracle deployments
before the audit begins. That way you can adjust any mistakes that you have done
and avoid purchasing software that you do not need.


If you want to know more how we can help, you can book an online meeting with us


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