Adobe Price Plans: Individual, Business and Enterprise

Adobe’s pricing for individuals works as follows:

  • Subscription-Based: Access to Adobe apps through monthly or annual subscriptions.
  • Single App Plans: Choose a specific app like Photoshop or Illustrator with individual pricing.
  • Creative Cloud All Apps: Access to all Adobe apps in one package.
  • Photography Plans: Specialized plans for photographers, including Photoshop and Lightroom.
  • Free Trials Available: Test before purchasing with Adobe’s free trials.

For a more detailed breakdown of Adobe’s plans and pricing, visit Adobe’s Plans and Pricing page.

Creative Cloud Plans and Adobe Pricing:

adobe price

Adobe’s Creative Cloud offers a range of applications for different creative needs. Here’s a comprehensive list of their products with respective pricing as of 2024:

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro:
    • Price: US$22.99/mo
    • Use: Professional video and film editing.
  2. Creative Cloud All Apps:
    • Price: US$59.99/mo
    • Includes over 20 Creative Cloud apps, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Express, Premiere Pro, and Acrobat Pro.
  3. Photography (1TB):
    • Price: US$19.99/mo
    • Features: Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, Photoshop on desktop and iPad, and 1TB of cloud storage.
  4. Acrobat Pro:
    • Price: US$19.99/mo
    • Use the Complete PDF solution to work anywhere (desktop, web, and mobile).
  5. Photoshop:
    • Price: US$22.99/mo
    • Features: Graphics, photos, and art creation on desktop, web, and iPad. Includes Adobe Fresco.
  6. Illustrator:
    • Price: US$22.99/mo
    • Use: Designing precise illustrations and vector graphics.
  7. Adobe Express:
    • Price: US$9.99/mo
    • Use: Designing flyers, TikToks, resumes, and more.
  8. Adobe Firefly:
    • Price: US$4.99/mo
    • Function: Generative AI for various creative results.
  9. After Effects:
    • Price: US$22.99/mo
    • Use Motion graphics and visual effects creation.
  10. InDesign:
  • Price: US$22.99/mo
  • Use Page design and layout for print and digital media.
  1. Lightroom (1TB):
    • Price: US$9.99/mo
    • Features: Photo editing and organization.
  2. Audition:
    • Price: US$22.99/mo
    • Use Audio recording, mixing, and restoration.
  3. Animate:
    • Price: US$22.99/mo
    • Use: Designing interactive vector animations.
  4. Adobe Substance 3D Collection:
    • Price: US$49.99/mo
    • Features: Modeling, texturing, and rendering 3D assets. Includes 50 3D assets per month.
  5. Adobe Substance 3D Texturing:
    • Price: US$19.99/mo
    • Use: Creating and painting 3D materials.
  6. Dreamweaver:
    • Price: US$22.99/mo
    • Use: Designing and developing modern, responsive websites.
  7. InCopy:
    • Price: US$4.99/mo
    • Use Text editing and layout modifications.
  8. Adobe Stock:
    • Price: US$29.99/mo
    • Includes Access to royalty-free stock images, videos, templates, and more.

Each of these plans offers unique features tailored to various creative needs. Whether you’re into photography, video editing, graphic design, or web development, Adobe provides comprehensive tools for your requirements.

Adobe Creative Cloud for Business: Plans and Pricing

Adobe Creative Cloud pricing

Adobe offers specialized plans for businesses, encompassing a range of creative applications.

Here’s a breakdown of what companies can expect:

Creative Cloud All Apps for Business

  • Price: US$89.99/mo per license
  • Includes:
    • Over 20 Creative Cloud apps such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, and Acrobat Pro.
    • Generative credits for AI-powered content creation.
    • Admin features for easy management and security.
  • Not Included: Substance 3D apps.
  • Additional Apps: After Effects, Lightroom, XD, Animate, Lightroom Classic, Dreamweaver, Audition, InCopy, Character Animator, Capture, Fresco, Bridge, Adobe Express, Adobe Firefly, Photoshop Express, Media Encoder, Aero, Scan, Fill & Sign, Acrobat Reader.

Single App Plan for Business

  • Price: US$37.99/mo per license
  • Choose One: Access to a single Adobe app of your choice.

Adobe Substance 3D Collection for Business

  • Price: US$99.99/mo per license
  • Focus: 3D asset creation and rendering.
  • Included Tools:
    • Substance 3D Modeler: Sculpting and building 3D models.
    • Substance 3D Sampler: Creating 3D materials and lights.
    • Substance 3D Designer: Designing parametric 3D assets.
    • Substance 3D Painter: Real-time texturing of 3D models.
    • Substance 3D Stager: Composing and rendering 3D scenes.
    • Substance 3D Assets: Access to a high-end 3D asset library.

These plans are designed to cater to the diverse needs of businesses, from small teams to large departments, offering the flexibility to choose according to specific creative requirements.

Creative Cloud All Apps for Teams: Features and Inclusions

Creative Cloud All Apps for Teams

Adobe’s Creative Cloud, All Apps for Teams, offers a comprehensive suite of applications and exclusive features designed for collaborative and efficient creative work in a team environment.

Here’s what’s included:

Exclusive Features

  • Admin Console for Managing Licenses: Simplifies the management of user licenses and software deployment across the team.
  • Company Asset Protection: Enhanced security features to safeguard your creative assets.
  • Advanced 24×7 Tech Support: Round-the-clock technical support to ensure uninterrupted creative workflows.
  • Simplified, Consolidated Billing: Streamlined billing process for easier financial management.
  • 180-Day Extended Version History: Allows teams to access and restore previous versions of creative files for up to six months.

Apps Included

  • Design and Creativity: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe Express, Adobe Firefly, Capture, Fresco, and Bridge.
  • Video and Audio: Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Character Animator, and Media Encoder.
  • Web and UX: Dreamweaver, Lightroom Web, and Adobe XD.
  • Photography: Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, and Photoshop Express.
  • PDF and E-Signatures: Acrobat Pro and Acrobat Reader.
  • Additional Tools: Animate, InCopy, Aero, Adobe Scan, and Fill & Sign.

Membership Perks

  • Adobe Fonts: Access a vast library of fonts for diverse design projects.
  • Adobe Color: Tools for creating and exploring color combinations.
  • Adobe Portfolio: Platform to create and manage personal portfolios.
  • Behance: A space to showcase and discover creative work.
  • Creative Cloud Libraries: Shared assets to streamline workflows.
  • Cloud Storage: Secure storage options for creative assets.
  • Step-by-Step Tutorials: Extensive learning resources for skill enhancement.
  • Generative Credits: Up to 1,000 monthly credits for AI-powered content creation.

Creative Cloud, All Apps for teams, provides tools and services that empower teams to collaborate effectively and produce outstanding creative work.

This package is ideal for businesses and creative teams looking for a versatile and comprehensive set of applications supported by Adobe’s ecosystem.

Creative Cloud for Enterprise: A Comprehensive Solution

Creative Cloud for Enterprise

Adobe’s Creative Cloud for Enterprise is a robust solution tailored to meet the needs of large organizations and enterprises.

It offers a wide range of applications and services designed to enhance creativity, collaboration, and productivity at an enterprise level. Here’s what organizations can expect with Creative Cloud for Enterprise:

Key Features and Offerings

  • Wide Range of Creative Applications: Access Adobe’s extensive creative software suite, including industry-leading tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and InDesign.
  • Advanced Security and Compliance: Enhanced security features to protect sensitive information and ensure compliance with enterprise-level standards.
  • Customizable Cloud Services: We offer tailored cloud solutions to fit the specific needs of large organizations, facilitating seamless workflows and data management.
  • Enterprise-Grade Support: Dedicated technical support and expert services to assist with deploying, managing, and optimizing Adobe tools within the enterprise.
  • Collaboration and Productivity Tools: Tools and features that enable team collaboration, resource sharing, and efficient project management across departments.
  • Scalable Licensing Options: Flexible licensing options to accommodate the varying needs of different departments and teams within the enterprise.
  • Integration with Business Systems: Seamless integration with other enterprise systems and platforms to streamline workflows and enhance productivity.
  • Training and Learning Resources: Access a wealth of tutorials, guides, and learning resources to maximize the potential of Adobe tools for enterprise users.

Conclusion: Designed for Diverse Enterprise Needs

Creative Cloud for Enterprise is ideal for businesses requiring comprehensive creative solutions and robust security, collaboration, and integration capabilities.

It provides the flexibility and scalability to support various creative workflows, from graphic design and video production to web development and digital marketing.

Adobe Plans and Licensing FAQ

  1. What is the difference between Adobe’s individual and business plan?
    • Individual plans are designed for personal use with access to Adobe apps and services. Business plans offer additional features like team collaboration tools, an admin console for license management, and enterprise-level support.
  2. What is the difference between personal and business Adobe?
    • Personal Adobe focuses on individual usage, while business plans are tailored for team collaboration, with enhanced security and administrative controls for managing multiple licenses.
  3. What does Adobe do for businesses?
    • Adobe provides businesses with collaborative creative tools, document management solutions, and cloud services, enhancing productivity and creative workflows.
  4. What comes with Adobe for Enterprise?
    • Adobe for Enterprise includes comprehensive creative applications, advanced security and compliance features, customizable cloud services, and enterprise-grade support.
  5. Can I use Adobe’s license for commercial use?
    • Yes, an Adobe individual license can be used for commercial purposes if it aligns with the terms of use specified in the license agreement.
  6. How many people can use Adobe business subscriptions?
    • Adobe business subscriptions are typically per-user licenses. The number of users depends on the licenses purchased under the business plan.
  7. How many computers can you have with an Adobe business license?
    • An Adobe business license typically allows installation on up to two computers, but the software can only be used on one computer at a time.
  8. What are the divisions of Adobe’s business?
    • Adobe business divisions include Creative Cloud for teams and enterprises, Document Cloud for businesses, and Experience Cloud for marketing and commerce solutions.
  9. What is Adobe’s business strategy?
    • Adobe’s business strategy focuses on delivering cloud-based creative and digital marketing solutions, emphasizing innovation and customer experience, and expanding into new markets.
  10. What is Adobe’s core business?
    • Adobe’s core business revolves around digital media and digital marketing solutions, primarily through its Creative Cloud and Experience Cloud platforms.
  11. What makes Adobe unique?
    • Adobe is unique because it combines creative tools, AI, cloud-based technology, and a comprehensive suite of professional creative and marketing applications.
  12. Does Adobe for Enterprise include Photoshop?
    • Yes, Adobe for Enterprise typically includes Photoshop as part of its Creative Cloud suite.
  13. What is the difference between Adobe Enterprise and Teams?
    • Adobe Enterprise offers advanced features like higher security, customizable cloud services, and enterprise-grade support, while Teams is tailored for collaboration within smaller teams.
  14. What is an Adobe enterprise account?
    • An Adobe Enterprise account provides access to enterprise-level Creative Cloud applications, services, and administrative features for large organizations.
  15. Can I use Adobe products for commercial use?
    • Yes, Adobe products can be used for commercial purposes within the terms of the license agreement.
  16. What is an Adobe VIP license?
    • Adobe VIP (Value Incentive Plan) is a subscription licensing program designed to purchase, manage, and assign Adobe software licenses for organizations of all sizes.
  17. What is the difference between Creative Commons and a commercial license?
    • Creative Commons licenses are used for content freely available for certain uses, while a commercial license typically allows for broader usage rights, often for a fee.
  18. Can two people use the same Adobe license?
    • No, Adobe licenses are typically assigned to individual users. For multiple users, separate licenses are required.
  19. Can multiple users share an Adobe license?
    • Adobe licenses are generally not shareable. Each user requires an individual license, especially in business settings.
  20. How many computers can use the same Adobe license?
    • An Adobe license can be installed on up to two computers but can only be used on one at a time.
  21. Can I use my work Adobe license at home?
    • Yes, if your work Adobe license allows installation on two devices, you can use it on a home computer.
  22. How many people can use an Adobe Pro license?
    • Adobe Pro licenses are typically for individual users. For multiple users, a business or enterprise plan is recommended.


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