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A US retail firm with 4,000 employees saves 95% in Java Audit

The Challenge

A US-based company with 4,000 employees found itself under a soft audit by Oracle for Java license compliance.

Initially presented with a 3-year agreement costing $1.5 million, the company sought external expertise to explore potential alternatives to simply signing the contract.

In their eyes, they had tried to negotiate with Oracle alone for months and were reaching out to Redress and asking, “Is there anything to do? or should we just accept and sign the offer?”

The Process

  • The situation was thoroughly reviewed, including an analysis of emails and deployment data.
  • A workshop was hosted to explore all possible options.
  • Following our advice, the CIO negotiated, rejecting Oracle’s initial demand. The company proposed purchasing licenses only for the specific subset of users who required Java.
  • Six weeks later, Oracle returned with an offer reduced to 95% of their original “final” offer, leading to a savings of $1.425 million for the client.

A Quote from the CIO

“We felt cornered by Oracle’s compliance claims and the threat of legal action. Reaching out to Redress Compliance, we were guided through our options and gained a clear understanding of our contractual rights. Their negotiation strategy was instrumental, crafting communications that ultimately led to an offer of just $75k, freeing us from any risk posed by Oracle.”

The Solution

Faced with a final offer from Oracle, which was at 1,5m $. Redress supported by:

  • Develop a response strategy to Oracle’s audit demands.
  • Formulate a negotiation strategy and provide strategic advice.
  • Behind-the-scenes negotiation support.

The Outcome

95% reduction from what the client believed was Oracle’s best and final offer.

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