Case Study - Java Licensing / Java licensing

12,000 Employees Italian Company Navigates Oracle Java Audit

java license audit case study for italian company

The Challenge

A prominent Italian company with 12,000 employees was confronted with Oracle Java audit emails, suggesting potential licensing discrepancies and posing a significant compliance risk.

The organization was faced with logs and records of downloadable Java products that require a license.

The Solution

Redress Compliance swiftly implemented a multi-faceted strategy to address the situation:

  • Communication Strategy Plan: Designed a strategic plan for responding to Oracle’s emails, ensuring communication clarity and firmness.
  • Java Advisory Roles: Developed roles within the team to provide expert advice and guidance on Java-related matters.
  • Java Audit Defense Strategy: Formulated a robust defense strategy to counter Oracle’s audit claims and potential legal actions.

The Outcome

The strategic response crafted by Redress Compliance led to a significant turnaround:

  • Oracle’s audit claims were effectively countered, resulting in them backing off from their initial assertions.
  • The company successfully avoided what could have been extensive and costly licensing negotiations.
  • No further communications from Oracle have been received for over four months, indicating a successful resolution.
  • Oracle’s initial claims were 7,1 million $ over three years. (plus retro-active usage) All of whom were dropped by Oracle.


The expertise and strategic planning provided by Redress Compliance were pivotal in managing our situation with Oracle. Their guidance in audit defense and clear communication strategies were instrumental in protecting our interests. This experience has significantly enhanced our understanding of Oracle’s licensing policies, safeguarding our company against unforeseen costs.” – Chief Information Officer, Italian Company.


  • Fredrik Filipsson

    Fredrik Filipsson brings two decades of Oracle license management experience, including a nine-year tenure at Oracle and 11 years in Oracle license consulting. His expertise extends across leading IT corporations like IBM, enriching his profile with a broad spectrum of software and cloud projects. Filipsson's proficiency encompasses IBM, SAP, Microsoft, and Salesforce platforms, alongside significant involvement in Microsoft Copilot and AI initiatives, enhancing organizational efficiency.